October 28, 2021

Call for Papers| Vishwakarma University Law Journal: Submit by Oct 20

About the Vishwakarma University

Vishwakarma University, Pune (VU) is a logical outgrowth of the educational history of the Vishwakarma Group of Institutions, which dates back more than 35 years. In 2017, the Maharashtra Government Act established the University as a State Private University. VU is allowed by the UGC to establish and administer its curriculum, hold examinations, and grant degrees.

The goal of this Journal is to produce innovative, exceptional, and socially important legal research. It provides a forum for academics, practitioners, researchers, scholars, and students to discuss their perspectives and have an impact on legal academia.


Students seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law, PhD Scholars, Academicians, or working lawyers and advocates may submit their applications.


The Journal’s scope is not limited to a single topic. The writers must, however, ensure that the research article tackles a current legal or socio-legal subject. The topic must be current, and the authors must demonstrate uniqueness in their approach to dealing with the situation at hand.

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