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The word jurisprudence derives from the Latin term juris prudentia, which means “the study, knowledge, or science of law.” In the United States jurisprudence commonly means the philosophy of law.

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What is Jurisprudence?

TopicLink To Notes
Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence View Here
Classification of LawView Here
Purpose and Function of LawView Here
Administration of JusticeView Here

Basics of Jurisprudence

TopicLink To Notes
Law According to John AustinView Here
Do ‘Law’ and ‘Justice’ have different Meanings?View Here
Jurisprudence and its Relevance in Contemporary TimesView Here
Distributive Justice: Concept and Application in various Legal SystemsView Here
Concept of Corrective Justice: Meaning and AnalysisView Here
Application of the Concept of Social Justice in IndiaView Here
Morality and Law: A Critical EvaluationView Here
Study of Dharma in The Light of Hindu JurisprudenceView Here
Theory of Utilitarianism: A Critical AnalysisView Here
Mahabharata Through the Eyes of Indian LawsView Here
Social Contract TheoryView Here
Concept of Legal PluralismView Here
Does Arbitration Hinder the Growth of Common Law Jurisprudence?View Here
Application of Concept of Social Justice in IndiaView Here
TopicLink To Notes
Schools of JurisprudenceView Here
Historical School of JurisprudenceView Here
Analytical School of JurisprudenceView Here

Concept and Sources of Law

TopicLink To Notes
Sources of Law: Meaning and TypesView Here
Custom: Definition, Types and EssentialView Here
Legislation as A Source of LawView Here
What are Precedents and Precedents as a Source of LawView Here
Ratio Decidendi and Obiter DictaView Here

Legal Status of Persons

TopicLink To Notes
Legal Status of Unborn Children in IndiaView Here
Legal status and Rights of Unborn PersonsView Here
Legal Status and Rights of Lunatic and Drunken PersonView Here
Legal Status of a Dead PersonView Here
Position and Legal Status of Minor in IndiaView Here
Legal Rights of AnimalsView Here
Jallikattu and Animals Rights in IndiaView Here
Animal Cruelty and Laws Dealing with Protection of Animal RightsView Here
Legal Status of Corporate PersonalityView Here
Theories of Corporate PersonalitiesView Here

Rights and Duties

TopicLink To Notes
Legal Rights: Nature, Characteristics, KindsView Here
Theories of Legal RightsView Here
Hohfeld’s Analysis of Legal RightsView Here
Concept of Duties in JurisprudenceView Here
Correlation between Rights and Duties in JurisprudenceView Here
Liability in JurisprudenceView Here

Ownership, Possession and Property

TopicLink To Notes
Ownership in Jurisprudence: Meaning, Kinds, Incidents and Relevance in Contemporary TimesView Here
Concept of Possession of Property in IndiaView Here
Concept of Property and types of PropertyView Here
Laws Dealing with Transfer of Property in IndiaView Here

Concept of Punishment

TopicLink To Notes
Theories of PunishmentView Here
Constitutionality of Capital PunishmentView Here
Reformative Theory of Punishment in IndiaView Here

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