Human Rights Law Notes, Study Materials and Case Laws

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Human Rights are the basic rights that a human being has as a virtue of being a human. Human Rights Law deals with protection of the human rights.

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Concept of Human Rights

TopicLink To Notes
Human Rights- Nature, Characteristics, KindsView Here
History of Human Rights in IndiaView Here
Chronicle of Privilege: A brief narrative of Human RightsView Here
Legal Rights: Nature, Characteristics, KindsView Here

Documents Relating to Human Rights

TopicLink To Notes
Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)View Here
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)View Here
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)View Here
Optional Protocols to ICCPR and ICESCRView Here

Protection Agencies and Mechanisms

TopicLink To Notes
Human Rights Council/ United Nations Commission on Human RightsView Here
United Nations Specialized AgencyView Here
Amnesty InternationalView Here

Impact And Implementation of International Human Rights Norms in India

TopicLink To Notes
Implementation of International Human Rights Norms in IndiaView Here
Human Rights Protection Agencies and MechanismView Here

Group Rights and Implementation Mechanism

TopicLink To Notes
Rights of Women, Children, Old and People with DisabilityView Here
Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Judicial InterpretationView Here
Rights of Prisoners and its Development in IndiaView Here
Rights of Rohingya’s RefugeeView Here
Exigency of Laws For Protection of The LGBTQ Community in IndiaView Here
Property Rights of a Child Born Out of Live-In Relationship: A StudyView Here
Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in Indian ContextView Here
Case Brief: Aruna Ramachnadra Shanbaug v. Union of IndiaView Here
Protection of Tribal Rights: An Effort Through Environmental LegislationView Here
Education as a Human RightView Here

Other Important Points

TopicLink To Notes
An overview Human TraffickingView Here
Human Trafficking in India and Laws Protecting ItView Here
Human Trafficking in India And CoronaView Here
Changing Dimensions of Article 21View Here
Post-Colonial Critique of Human Right LawsView Here
Assessment of Human Rights Challenges and Counter-Terrorist Measures of GovernmentView Here
Access To Internet: A Fundamental RightView Here

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