Law of Torts: Notes, Important Case Laws and Study Material

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Law of Torts is the area of the law that covers most civil suits. Generally, every claim that arises in civil court, with the exception of contractual disputes, falls under Law of Torts. 

A tort is an act or omission, other than a breach of contract, which gives rise to injury or harm to another, and amounts to a civil wrong for which courts impose liability. In other words, a wrong has been committed and the remedy is money damages to the person wronged.

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Introduction to Law of Torts

Defences Against Torts

Parties in Torts

Liability in Law of Torts

Nuisance under Law of Torts

Negligence under Law of Torts

Defamation under Law of Torts

Trespass under Law of Torts

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  • Trespass to Person
    • Assault
    • Battery
    • Mayhem
    • False Imprisonment.
  • Trespass to Land
  • Remedies
  • Defences

Malicious Prosecution under Law of Torts

Remedies for Torts

To read notes on ‘Remedies for Torts’, for below mentioned topics, click here.
  • Judicial Remedies  
    • Damages
    • Injunction
    • Specific Performance
  • Extra – judicial Remedies

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