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Law of Torts is the area of the law that covers most civil suits. Generally, every claim that arises in civil court, with the exception of contractual disputes, falls under Law of Torts. 

A tort is an act or omission, other than a breach of contract, which gives rise to injury or harm to another, and amounts to a civil wrong for which courts impose liability. In other words, a wrong has been committed and the remedy is monetary damages to the person wronged.

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Introduction to Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Concept of TortsView Here
Nature of TortsView Here
Essential Elements of TortView Here
The Pigeon Hole Theory under Law of TortsView Here
Top 5 Important Cases to Understand the Basics of TortsView Here
Injuria Sine DamnoView Here
Discharge of TortsView Here

Defences Against Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Torts and the Defences against the TortsView Here
General Defences in TortView Here
volenti non fit injuriaView Here
Introduction to ‘ Vis Major’ (Act of God) as a Defence to TortsView Here
Inevitable Accident: A Defence against TortsView Here
Necessity as a Defence under Law of TortsView Here
Private Defences under Law of TortsView Here
Novus Actus InterveniensView Here
Statutory Authority as a Defence to TortsView Here
Judicial and Quasi-judicial Authority under Law of TortsView Here
Parental and Quasi- Parental Authority under Law of TortsView Here

Parties in Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Parties in Torts: Capacity to Sue and be SuedView Here
Joint and Several Tortfeasors in TortsView Here
ex turpi causa non oritur actioView Here

Liability in Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Concept of Liability under Law of TortsView Here
Concept of Strict Liability in TortsView Here
Concept of Absolute LiabilityView Here
Absolute Liability: The Rule of Strict Liability in Indian PerspectiveView Here
Environmental Considerations of the Bhopal Gas TragedyView Here
Concept of Vicarious Liability and The Doctrine of Common EmploymentView Here
Vicarious Liability of State in IndiaView Here
Vicarious Liability in TortView Here
Respondeat SuperiorView Here
qui facit per alium facit per seView Here
Tortious Liability of the State and Article 300 of the ConstitutionView Here
Top 9 important case laws on “Liability” under law of tortsView Here
Top 5 Important Case Laws on Defences to the Law of TortsView Here
Doctrine of Sovereign ImmunityView Here

Nuisance under Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Law of Torts: NuisanceView Here
Nuisance under Law of Torts: Elements, Kinds, Remedies, and DefencesView Here
Top 5 Landmark Case Laws on Nuisance (Law of Torts)View Here

Negligence under Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Negligence as a Tort under Law of TortsView Here
Negligence under Law of Torts: Meaning, Essentials, Remedies and DefencesView Here
res ipsa Loquitur: Meaning, Essentials and LimitationsView Here
Contributory Negligence and its DefencesView Here
Remedies for NegligenceView Here
Defences against NegligenceView Here

Defamation under Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
The Concept Of Defamation and Its TypesView Here
Essentials of DefamationView Here
Concept of Defamation under Law of Torts    
– Libel and Slander – Its Differences
– Essentials of Defamation
– Remedies for Defamation
– Defences against Defamation
View Here

Trespass under Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Trespass to Person and Trespass to Property  
– Trespass to Person
– Assault
– Battery
– Mayhem
– False Imprisonment.
– Trespass to Land
– Remedies
– Defences
View Here

Malicious Prosecution under Law of Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Malicious Prosecution under Law of Torts
– Introduction to Malicious Prosecution under Law of Torts
– Essentials of Malicious Prosecution
– Defences against Malicious Prosecution
– Remedies for Malicious Prosecution
View Here

Remedies for Torts

TopicLink To Notes
Remedies for Torts: Judicial and Extra – Judicial RemediesView Here

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