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This article provides Companies Act, 2013 notes with case lawsThe Companies Act was an Act of the Parliament of India, which enabled companies to be formed by registration, and set out the responsibilities of companies, their directors and secretaries. A company is a “legal” person. A company thus has legal rights and obligations in the same way that a natural person does. Companies Act deals with everything from the incorporation of a company to it’s winding up.

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Introduction to Company and Company Law

TopicLink To Notes
Introduction to the Concept of Company and Company Law
– Meaning of corporation
– Features of companies
– Kinds of companies
– Concept of Separate Legal Entity  
View Here

Important Doctrines

TopicLink To Notes
Theories of Corporate PersonalitiesView Here
Lifting of Corporate Veil of the Companies in IndiaView Here
Doctrine of Ultra Vires under Companies Act: Meaning, Development and Important CasesView Here
Doctrine of Constructive LiabilityView Here
Doctrine of Indoor Management under Companies Act, 2013View Here

Memorandum of Association

TopicLink To Notes
Memorandum of Association under Companies Act    
– Meaning and introduction  
– Form and contents of Memorandum of Association
– Alteration of Memorandum of Association  
View Here

Articles of Association

TopicLink To Notes
Articles of Association under Companies Law  
– Meaning and introduction
– Form and contents of Articles of Association
– Alteration of Articles of Association  
View Here

Incorporation and Incidental Matters

TopicLink To Notes
Incorporation of a Company under Companies Act, 2013  
– Requirements with respect to the formation of the company
– Procedure and consequences of Incorporation
– Formulation of companies with charitable objects  
View Here
Promoters of a CompanyView Here
Pre-Incorporation Contracts and Its Enforceability under Companies ActView Here


TopicLink To Notes
Prospectus under Companies ActView Here
Types of ProspectusView Here
Misstatement in a ProspectusView Here
Liability of Misstatement in a ProspectusView Here
Statement in Lieu of ProspectusView Here

Corporate Management

TopicLink To Notes
Corporate Breakdown: Winding up, Voluntarily Winding up, Liquidation and Dissolution under Companies ActView Here
Directors under Company Law
– Concept and Meaning Legal position
– Kinds of Directors under the 2013 Act
– Qualification, Appointment and Removal
– Persons in managerial capacity – Managing Director, Whole-time Director & Manager  
View Here
Types of Directors under Companies Act 2013View Here
Independent Directors: Position Under Companies ActView Here
Duties of A Director in India And in the UKView Here
Rotation Of Auditors In Companies Act,2013: A StudyView Here

Corporate Abuses and Remedies

TopicLink To Notes
Majority Rule and Minority Rights: Does companies Act 2013 balance the equationView Here
Foss v. HarbottleView Here
Minority Squeeze out- ‘Protection of Minority Interest’ under Company LawView Here
An Overview on Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement in IndiaView Here
Minority Protection against Oppression and MismanagementView Here
Oppression And Mismanagement- Is Law Enough?View Here
Prevention of Oppression &Mismanagement: Does anything change from 1956 to 2013?View Here
Class Action Suits and Rights of a ShareholderView Here
What Is Insider Trading and Why Is It Important?View Here
Surrender of sharesView Here

Corporate Governance

TopicLink To Notes
Corporate Governance: Concept, Principles and Best PracticesView Here
Corporate Governance vis-à-vis Companies Act 2013View Here
Corporate Governance: Succession Planning & Continuity During COVID-19View Here
Corporate governance: Whether it is a Necessity in IndiaView Here

Corporate Social Responsibility

TopicLink To Notes
An Brief Overview on Corporate Social ResponsibilityView Here

Corporate Breakdown

TopicLink To Notes
Corporate Breakdown: Winding up, Voluntarily Winding up, Liquidation and Dissolution under Companies ActView Here

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Cross Border Insolvency: The Need To Adopt UNICTRAL Model Law With Modifications in IndiaView Here
Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company on RequisitionView Here
Statutory Registers under the Companies Act 2013View Here
Evolution of Securities and Investment Laws in IndiaView Here
Listing and Delisting of SecuritiesView Here

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