June 13, 2021

Law School Experience: “The Orientation Day”


Law College has been one of my Dreams come true which I have had back from my school days. Life as it looks is not that simple as we plan, it does make plan for us and want us to follow the same in such unplanned manner despite of so much planning, which sometimes really takes away our cool, but as they say, life is unpredictable, so we should always enjoy the journey focusing on the destination. Similarly, my Dream of going to law school came up with so many ups and downs but the end result was fruitful which was expected to some extent but there were experiences which at least, I haven’t thought of.

The very first day started with the Orientation Program like every other college announces , the renowned speakers and alumni of the college came up with the introduction of the college and its vast history and so many other programs were introduced to make us familiar with the college and the faculty members , including the sample/introductory moot court held which for me was something new and the best part of the day, but tables do turned when a senior of the college gave me an invitation for the meet titled as “Women’s Meet and Greet” , the title itself is gender bias , I must admit , but the meet was in itself a demoralising event which on the very first day of the college started with the politics of some female students, wanting to unite women by using the phrases “what a single women is capable of”, Nothing , as the answer, it shook me for a moment but soon I realised that what she is doing is just for her selfish motives of winning the elections and obviously I disagree with what she opined of Women as a class, being a women herself. To my surprise every other women sitting in the room was listening to her without objecting to her negative views, and I too was so shy as it was the first day, I was nervous and to be honest ,Glossophobic , but to my surprise too , I did object and debated with her on the same because to me every women is self-sufficient and self -reliant in herself and doesn’t need any crowd to standby her .Soon after I started objecting her, the women sitting besides me agreeing to what I said break their silence and started getting into a debate with her, resulting in leaving the room with me.

Does it seem to be a horrible experience, but nevertheless, it was for me. Apart from that, everything went so well that I couldn’t complain of it, I did make good friends which I still feel good about and stay with me whenever I need them, but that one experience I had, have made a place in my memories, no doubt for a lifetime.

Author: Vaishali Yadav- Campus Law Centre (Delhi University)

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