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Politics For Impact (P4I) is looking for a Political Associate to work with a Political Leader in the Parliamentary Constituency of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. Candidates able to demonstrate their passion for policy work and politics or campaigns are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in related fields is highly welcome. 

About Politics for Impact

Politics for Impact is a capacity-building organization working at the confluence of policy and politics, to empower political leaders to manage their constituencies effectively by working on solving issues affecting their constituents. We aid political leaders in keeping abreast of local, regional and national political landscapes.

About the Job

Politics for Impact are hiring a Political Associate for the Office of Hon’ble Member of Parliament Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu! Interviews are being taken on a rolling basis.


The role of the Political Associate is a full time one, for self-motivated individuals willing to perform but not limited to the following tasks: 

  • Ideating and organizing local and regional campaigns centred around an issue benefiting the public, that the Political Leader can take up strongly. 
  • Keeping abreast of state and national politics by keeping track of the news (Telugu and English) to update the Political Leader and keep him informed.
  • Frequent field visits to interact with stakeholders in the constituency, to gather first-hand information on local issues. 
  • Actively engaging with people of the constituency and identifying the geographical areas to be targeted and problems to be addressed. 
  • Organizing the Political Leader’s visits to important villages that might not have a strong party base or require revival or have burning issues that the Political Leader must acknowledge and act upon. 
  • Comprehensively conduct Polling Research, organize Digital Media Campaigns and manage Public Relation.
  • Evaluating address notes of the Political Leader and ensuring that it is apt for the audience. 
  • Building working relationships with other politicians, civil servants and staff in local authorities, and regulatory bodies to brief them on the Political Leader’s work and concerns. 
  • Writing articles for the media and professional letters to concerned offices/bodies/persons. 


  1. Bachelors or equivalent level of education (such as CA, diploma or polytechnic). 
  2. The Associate is expected to live and travel in the constituency which is partly rural, with varying per capita income and state capacity. We expect candidates to be self-sufficient. 
  3. The Associate should be self-motivated, with the ability to build networks independently and be ready to handle tough conditions in terms of work and field visits. 
  4. This is a socio-political space and a spirit of willingness to learn and unlearn is expected. 
  5. We expect hardy individuals who want to explore what goes into policy-making and politics from a grassroots perspective. 
  6. Proficiency in Telugu is highly preferred though NOT mandatory, we expect candidates to be willing to gain a working knowledge of Telugu in time. 

What to expect? 

  1. The Associate will be in daily touch with the Political Leader and will be expected to shape his policy/political positions in line with local demands and progressive ideas. 
  2. An opportunity to work with a rising Political Leader, interact with party leaders at local and state levels, and exposure to how an Opposition party works. 
  3. Salary commensurate with market standards and based on prior work experience. 
  4. Accommodation and food will be provided at the location. Travel expenses for work will be reimbursed. 
  5. Work schedules will be flexible. We expect candidates to work longer hours during days when the Political Leader participates in Party events, Campaigns, Press Meets and Committee meetings.

Last date to apply

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. 

To Apply

Submit your application by using this link.

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