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Going Global?

Are you looking to expand your business globally or your client’s business requires him to expand to global destinations? But you are trapped with the fear of venturing into an unknown territory?

We at StartanIdea, have brought to you an integrated Global Business Expansion product which will not only assist you in setting up your business in your desired Global locations but will also support in its compliance & operations, accounting & taxation, merger & amalgamation and exit advisory requirement.

StartanIdea is, an anywhere to anywhere, business consulting solution provider to MNCs, MSMEs and Startups with creation of personalized solutions covering entry strategy formation, governance and exit solutions.

StartanIdea’s Global Expansion services cater to a broader audience, thanks to its anywhere to anywhere methodology. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all three life cycle of a business i.e. entry strategy formation, operation & compliance management and exit solutions which enables peace of mind to global business.

StartanIdea’s individualization of solutions, accompanies the centralization of consulting to enable business owners to make quick, specific, informed decisions with utmost confidence with the luxury of having a single point communication.

StartanIdea has identified key fear factors that entrepreneur face while Going Global and offers focused solutions to these worry points:

Exposure to enhanced compliancesSynergy of professionals of varied exposure, experience & jurisdiction.  
Finding a trusting professional in an unfamiliar locationCollaborative commerce model enables trusted localized professional partners.  
Prepackaged SolutionsPersonalized consultancy allows advice and direction to be tailored to the individual or organization’s particular requirement.  
Multiplicity of Professional EngagementSingle point compliance communication for all your business entities.  

Why Startanidea ?

The creation of global footprint for MSMEs and Startups will help enhanced exchange of technology, utmost utilisation of wealth and standardisation of governance around the Globe.

Our Services

We at StartanIdea provide Entity Formation, Compliance & Operations, Accounting & Taxation, Banking Solution, Merger & Amalgamation and Exit Advisory Solutions at all your Global destinations.

At StartanIdea , we believe in giving 110%. By using our next generation collaborative model, we help organizations have a smooth global transition. We thrive because of our market knowledge and great team behind our product.

As our Founder says, “Efficiencies will come from proactively transforming when, where and how we do business.”

Welcome to our global realm, where innovation meets inspiration! We are thrilled to unveil our brand new website, designed to enhance your business expansion experience and bring you closer to a world of possibilities. To know more visit .

Connect with us:

LinkedIn @startanidea

Instagram @startanidea1

Twitter @startanidea01

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