Implementation of Project Saksham 2.O Commences: Advancing Legal Empowerment for Marginalized Communities

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The launch of the Project Saksham 2.O marks a significant step towards legal empowerment for marginalized communities. Collaboratively initiated by the NEK Mission Foundation, Law Center 1, Law Center 2 of Law Faculty Delhi University, Department of Law Jamia Hamdard, Department of Law Indraprastha University, and Naksh Foundation, this project aims to provide legal awareness and literacy to underprivileged segments of society including women, children, the elderly, disabled individuals, laborers, sex workers, and LGBTQ individuals.

Project Saksham 2.O will empower these groups to assert their rights and access government welfare schemes through legal channels. The project will focus on delivering legal aid across 12 areas within Delhi, employing a series of camps held in collaboration with governmental agencies.

The project received an overwhelming response, with 3300 students applying from various colleges. Following an interview process, 312 students were selected to participate.

The project is divided into two phases:

First Phase: Door-to-Door Awareness and Survey Drive

Over a span of 2 months, a team of 312 members will conduct a door-to-door awareness campaign and survey across 12 different areas of Delhi.

Second Phase: Implementation of Beneficiary Camps

The crux of Project Saksham 2.O lies in the implementation phase. Collected data will be utilized to organize Mega Camps, benefitting the beneficiaries. These camps will encompass:

Legal Help Desks

Aadhar Card Assistance

Health Services

Senior Citizen Card Distribution

Labor Card Support (E Shram Card)

Addressing Pension and School Admission Issues

Resolution of Various Citizen Concerns

Mega Camps will be conducted under the guidance of the Project Saksham 2.O team, headed by Parmeshwari Kumari Dhayal and Dinesh Chand Meena. Coordinators Rishabh Singh, Sourabh Rai, Anjul Chaudhary, and Arsha Chaudhary, along with Project Co-Coordinators Saraswati Vidhuri, Salman Khan, Arti Kumari, and Mamta Chauhan, will oversee the camps.

The Mega Camp schedule is as follows:

August 13, 2023 – Jharoda Village (Area Coordinator: Hritvik Verma)

August 21, 2023 – Timarpur (Area Coordinator: Rubina Anshari)

August 21, 2023 – Bengali Colony (Area Coordinator:  Aman Kumar)

 a session on International Senior Citizens Day 2023) held by  CDLSA Secretary Ld. Jyoti Maheshwari  and Motivated Team Project Saksham For Betterment of Society.

August 26, 2023 – Daya Basti (Area Coordinator: Abhisekh Kumar),

 Chandrawal (Area Coordinator: Shweta Rani)

August 27, 2023 – Outram Lane, GTB Nagar Slum area (Area Coordinator: Jagrati Verma), Azadpur (Area Coordinator: Km Anjali), Tuglakabad (Area Coordinator: Vipul Gautam), Sangam Vihar (Area Coordinator: Ritesh Sah), Tigri (Area Coordinator: Lakshay Govindani)

August 28, 2023 – Wajirabad (Area Coordinator: Aman Dalal), Indira Vikash, Dhaka Village (Area Coordinator: Sonu Kumar)

Prominent legal platforms including Law Bhoomi will participate as media partners in Project Saksham 2.O, extending its reach and impact.

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