Launch of New Global Expansion Product for MNCs, MSMEs & Start-ups

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Are you looking to expand your business globally or your client’s business requires him to expand to global destinations? But you are trapped with the fear of venturing into an unknown territory?

What Are The Challenges in Going Global?

In today’s multinational business landscape, we understand that staying on a growth trajectory mandates an enterprise to truly “Go Global”. Liberalized investment norms and free trade agreements have created confidence amongst the business world for expanding their enterprise operations with localized presence in their target market.

But the fear that still remains within the entrepreneurial lobby is

  • Exposure to enhanced compliances

Setting up an entity in a foreign jurisdiction can be a challenging and time-consuming process as it exposes the enterprise to heightened compliance requirements in accordance with the corporate and commercial statutes of the foreign state.

  • Finding a trusting professional in an unfamiliar location

The risk of not being able to find the proper partner to establish a new vertical or expand operations in a new country constantly limits a company’s ability to Go Global.

  • Prepackaged Solutions

Typically designed to meet the needs of a broad audience and may not be customizable to meet the specific needs of an individual or organization.

  • Multiplicity of Professional Engagement

Multinational corporations having operations in multiple jurisdictions have to coordinate with multiple local professional agencies for respective jurisdictions.


What if a product addresses these challenges and provide a one stop solution to all your expansion worries?

A new product “StartanIdea” brings to you, an anywhere to anywhere, business consulting solution for MNCs, MSMEs and Startups, with creation of personalized solutions covering entry strategy formation, governance and exit solutions on worldwide scale.

StartanIdea brings to you an integrated Global Business Expansion product which will not only assist you in setting up your business in your desired destination but will also handhold in its compliance & operations, accounting & taxation, merger & amalgamation and exit advisory requirement.

StartanIdea brings the synergical benefit of having a partnership with its foreign partners to provide our clients with personalized solution accompanying local expertise which result in more efficient and improved outcomes.

We firmly believe that our offering can have a transformative impact on your business, revolutionizing your vision and mission towards testing new avenues for greater success.

We are confident that these new services will elevate your experience with us and make a significant impact on your operations. Our team of experts will be available to guide you through the process of Going Global, seamlessly and effortlessly.

We shall be live from August 15, 2023 on the occasion of 77th Independence Day of India.

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