Legal Internship Experience at Lex Maven Law Firm

Legal Internship Experiences

Name, College, Year of Study

I am Damini Nagar, pursuing BALLB (Hons.), from Indore Institute of Law, Indore [Madhya Pradesh], currently in 4th year.

Name of the Organization

Lex Maven Law Firm

Duration of Internship

One Month Internship


High Court of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and also at firm office.

Source of Applying

Sent the updated resume directly to the firm.

Task Assigned

I had to visit courts and read files, there were different types of cases, criminal, divorce, rape, and property cases. I had to read the cases and analyse and later advocates ask me about the cases and ask different questions related to the cases. There was also the work of drafting like, how to draft a statement and pleading. I also learned how proceedings take place and what the steps to follow in filing the cases. Preparing report and getting it stamped and arranging the papers in proper order. Another task which was allotted was researching the things which was helpful for the case and then after court we have to go to the office and work on different cases for hours.  I also went ahead for few civil case file which has been given to me to read and analyze and afterwards made report. I also made a report on Affidavit during the internship. I was also asked to assist many legal workshops and also did analysis of various legal problems

Good Things

The good thing about this internship was that Sir was very approachable and taught me many practical things regarding law. There is work given to you all the times, once the task is completed. Everyone in the chamber is very close to each other and their was very friendly environment. The good thing is I got to know many amazing and new things and it also helped me in enhancing English spoken, written proficiency and also helped me in improving my skills in legal research.

Bad Things

No bad things


I did not get any stipend it was unpaid internship


It was a great learning experience and I got to learn about many new amazing things. Getting an Internship at High Court is as interesting as it seems. I got a lot of knowledge about the daily workings of the court and court procedure. It is very different from everything we have been seeing through movies and other sources. My respect for this field has been increased by seeing the procedure and working of the High Court. It is a tough job to do but it’s worth all the hardships.

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