Internship Experience at Trade and Corporate Jurist

Legal Internship Experiences


I am Rachit Manchanda 5th year/10th semester B.A.LL.B student of Asian Law College which is affiliated with Chaudhary Charan Singh University (Meerut).


Trade and Corporate Jurist situated in Jor Bagh in New Delhi.

First worked in Trade and Corporate Jurist in sept 2020 till december 2020 and joined back in February 2021 till april 2021 (lockdown) and continued online internship with the organization.

Task and Experience

I was given certain tasks during my span of internship-

Initially I used to get case laws to read and study from which I learned the basic knowledge of the legal language used in legal documents and case files. Civil case laws.

I used to attend virtual hearings since the Offline hearings were not in progress. I learned about the way of presenting the facts and arguments over the facts from attending hearings.

After a few days of reading and understanding the case law files in the firm I was given the task of research in the ongoing cases which were handled by our Law firm and I used to provide them with the relevant case laws that were to be put up in application, written statement, Plaint from which I learned about important and relevant laws and its Sections.

I was also given the task of drafting applications, written statements, replies where I learned about the practical aspect of drafting.

I also learned little bit of filing applications and cases in the court through online platform.

I still am continuing interning with Trade and Corporate Jurist but since there’s not much work and practical things to do while working from home I joined online internship alongside this firm so that I could get more exposure and different learning experience.

Work Environment

Work environment in our Law Firm was very positive. All the seniors were very helpful, polite, and supportive towards me. They gave me the practical knowledge of the court and how the things are to be done practically which were absent and are not taught theoretically.


Initially no stipend was given but as I progressed and showed improvement in professionalism I was awarded with stipend of Rs4000 as appreciation and motivation.


It was a great learning experience for me. I learned many new things and gained a lot of practical knowledge during my internship and got wide perspective of this field. I observed and learned there is a big difference in theoretical and practical teaching of Law.

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