October 20, 2021

Internship Experience with Adv. Shashwat Singh Gaur

Legal Internship Experiences

Name, College, Year of Study

My name is Kartikey Garg, I am a 4th Year law student from Galgotias University, Greater Noida.


Work from Home Internship.


1st June 2020 to 31st July 2020

Internship Experience

During the period of Internship, I did Online Internship Under the guidance of Senior Lawyer. As because of the pandemic situation in the country, the courts were closed and online hearing of urgent matter was being done.

I worked under lawyer Shashwat Singh Gaur. He is a very good advocate. He practices in Civil as well as Criminal Matters both. His chamber is in Supreme Court.

I got this opportunity by attending online sessions through Zoom App and contacting them since I was suggested by my father’s friend. He make me participated in every hearings and to various district courts of Delhi as well as to Supreme Court, High Court and National Green Tribunal and I attended all these through  after coming back took my review for that session and corrected me where ever I went wrong. He told me  about all important things about the particular cases and provided me many files to read them for better understanding about how cases are drafted, how actually FIR is written, how arguments are written and how statements are recorded and all other things which are needed to be known by an Intern.

What have I learnt from this Internship?

My team leader and I have our first online interaction. Sir informed us of the new methods that the company has implemented in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Our team leader explained how to prepare for a newly registered company’s initial registration and legal documents. Learn how to put together a Memorandum and Articles of Association. Learned how to fill out the Bail Bonds and Sureties form, as well as the role of the surety in granting bail, as well as the verification of surety and the verification report.

Learns about the Electricity Act and how offences are classified under it, as well as what constitutes a crime. The team leader requested that we continue the next day. Learn how all legal documents for a new company are finalized. Also, learn which form was used at which point during the document’s preparation. I study our Team Leader’s interactions with clients and learn how to always speak politely with them.

An advocate must be clear about the facts of the case against his client and communicate with him in a language that he understands. To keep everyone’s attention during the conversation and clear all of your client’s doubts, your manner of expression must be understandable. The team leader told us to write an article about how Covid-19 has changed the world, as well as what methods were previously used and which are now being used. The following research topic was assigned by the team leader: Whether a Writ can be maintained under Article 32 without first seeking the same relief in the concerned High Court under Article 226.

Work Environment

As this pandemic is going on most of us are not able to get the proper exposure as all the things which we do are not in real life it’s all online and don’t gives us that real life experience. One main thing that I have learned through this internship is time management skills as well as self-motivation. When I first started I did not think that I was going to be able to make myself work online in an office for six hours a day, six days a week. Once I realized what I had to do I organized my day and work so that I was not overlapping or wasting my hours. I learned that I needed to be organized and have questions ready for when it was the correct time to get feedback and ask them online. From this internship and time management I had to learn how to motivate myself through being online for the office for so many hours.


Certificate of Internship

Bad Things

In review, this internship has been an average one but experience is not that good due to this Covid-19 Pandemic. I have been able to acknowledge the methodology how a firm work and that I am sure will be able to help me with opportunities in the future.


No stipend was given.


It is concluded that as law student we miss a lot if we don’t do at least one Court Internship. The judicial system rests on lower courts. They are a basic unit of our justice delivery system. We can know the journey of a case, see a cross examination and learn about basic legal problems that our people face. Bring fresh out of courses on contract law, procedural law, etc. we got a fresh legal training of words at work. Basic legal drafting under a good District Court Advocate is a must for any law student. In any Internship we come across mediation and conciliation cells, Lok Adalats and many other institutions. We also learn about administration of the court and we come across many terms which we will never come across in a law book. The interaction and discussion with the Judge was the best part of my internship tenure. As a whole the internship at the Law Firm can be a good opportunity for every law student who is enthusiastic, regular and eager to learn new aspects of law.


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