Internship Experience at the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad, Lucknow

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Institute : Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow.

Place : High Court of Judicature at Allahabad, Lucknow.

Internship Under : Advocate Samrat Gupta

Duration Of Internship : 5th August, 2019 – 31st October, 2019 (3 months)

Stipend : None in monetary terms but most valuable in terms of experience & learning that I gained during the internship.

Process Of Applying For The Internship :

My mentor is the alumni of my law school due to which he was quite sometimes referred by seniors.

Inquired about him and other related details.

Later on, mailed my CV and the cover letter to my mentor expressing my willingness to intern under him. His office is swift in replying to the queries and mails.

First Day Ritauls :

As I had not visited the High Court before this, I was given a tour of the court and it’s department by a senior intern.

At the same time, also got a quick brief about working of the court, majorly focusing on the practical work. For instance, filing of documents, requesting for another date, when required and so on.

Day-To-Day Task :

Visiting respective court regularly.

Learning about the drafting skills related to the documents.

Discussing about the ongoing cases, presenting my arguments and viewpoint along with justification for the same.

Learning the application of various laws to the case.

Maintaing the decorum while in the courtroom and discipline with the co-intern when in the chambers.

Ambience During The Internship :

I, as an intern, was always asked about my opinion and arguments about the case being discussed which build my confidence towards public speaking and justifying as to why I am saying, what I am saying.

The work environment was very positive in the chambers of the Advocate, I was interning and helped me remain focused throughout my internship.

There were ample number of books and case files in the chambers which were allowed to be accessed whenever an intern wants which gave an addtional opportunity of proof reading various cases and helped me in understanding the basic formation of how a argument should be presented which is not taught at law schools with a practical perspective.

Instead of being critized on making mistakes, interns were explained how & why they are incorrect & how to rectify themselves.

Things That I Learned During Internship :

Got an opportunity to see how does a court works in real life which is way different than what is being told at the law school, through books or what we get to see in television.

Reading of the various case files, discussion on the ongoing case, keeping my views during the discussion has improved my way of presenting the arguments in the court of law.

Whenever, my mentor was meeting a client, interns were asked to be present there which taught me the very important lessons of not just listening to what my client has to say but also to explain him my strategy and legal viewpoints in layman language.

Be it litigator or a corporate lawyer, both have to be very clear with the facts of the case that they are handling. Any doubts regarding the facts could lead to major loss to the client.

Lastly, something that only court experience or can teach us, always, always prepare your client well before entering that courtroom.

Pros Of The Court Internship :

Will get to see the real picture of how an actual court works which is far away from the courts that you might have seen in ‘Suits’.

A chance to learn client handling. Many of us have a habit of communicating in English which might not always be the case when it comes to litigation. Therefore, removing those language barriers to be able to successfully deal with a client.

High Court canteens and nearby street food is definitely not to be missed factor.

Cons Of The Court Internship :

Might have to pay regular visits to the court which makes it difficult at times to manage the internship along with the law school, if the internship isn’t during the vacation period.


Gained an experience of lifetime, useful in both litigation and law firms.

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