Internship Experience in High Court of Kerala

Legal Internship Experiences

Name, College, Year of Study

Istinaf Abdullah, BBA LLB, Alliance School of Law, 2017-2022

Name of The Organisation

Elite Laws, Advocate Mohammed Iquabal, Kerala High Court

Duration of Internship

21 day Internship


High Court of Kerala, Ernakulam

Task Assigned

The tasks given to me were to observe trial and to report those observations in the diary. It was a good internship. I learned the procedure in High court and how the cases are held there. My Senior advocate had two junior advocates who helped me in various aspects of the internship. I applied for the internship through a local contact. I have done the internship during the 4th semester. I learned about the functioning of High court. My lawyer used to tell me to take notes and at the end of the day he will assist me in preparing the report of the day. He told me to research on specific topics of organ transplantation law and told to give a report. I also had a client counselling session with a client relating a case of a university and appeal for a revaluation of exam. My lawyer gave me a good picture of High court functioning and one day he took me for a lecture by a retired judge about statement of fact in evidence.


No stipend was being provided during the course of internship.


There was good environment, and I learned a lot from visiting court. The overall experience was good, and I learned a lot of stuff in the internship. I also learned some clerical work which I studied from the clerk of my senior. He told me who all are involved in the procedure of filing a case in the High court. The paralegal works were done by the clerk. High court has several judges and various courts has its own jurisdiction. This jurisdiction changes in every six years. I learned about the various grievances’ clients had and how to deal with a client.

My lawyer Mohammed Iquabal had a way for dealing with people and with explaining them all the aspects of case. In the first meeting with the client, he explained what all expenses the case has and explained how the case will go in the court. I also had a good experience about the lawyer because he also does pro bono cases for the poor people. He also had so many cases from different aspects of law. So I had a chance to learn them all.

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