Internship Experience at MPCON Limited

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Name, College, Year of Study of the Student Intern

Antara Kumari,1st year student at Alliance School of Law, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560076. Currently I am in final year.

Name of the Organization and its full Address

MPCON Limited, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan – 2 35, Shymala Hills, Bhopal – 462002

Duration of Internship

28th June 2017 to 28th July 2017


Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Source of Applying

I applied for this internship through a message from my friend. I sent a mail to the organization and they were swift in replying.

Task Assigned

It was offline internship. I was assisting in handling government scheme for “Skill Development Programmes” and also, I witnessed the field work of NGOs which were working towards these schemes. The schemes were manual scavengers, retired persons, specially disabled people, transgenders, women centric and unemployed people.


I had the opportunity to undergo an internship at MPCON Limited. It was an incredibly rewarding and interesting experience. When you are surrounded by real professionals in their area, who clearly love what they are doing, whose eyes light up and who really want to help. On the first day I reached the office by 11:00 AM, after which I met Mr. Kedarnath Galan sir under whom I did the internship. After a brief introduction, he asked me about my area of interests. We had a little chat about the work required to do. The ambience of the office was very pleasant and the employees at the office were very helpful. I got the opportunity to do the excel sheet work, forwarding files to the NGO’s and passing on the files from NGOs to the supervisors. I also worked on collecting e-mails from the ministries and forwarding them to the supervisors.


No stipend was received.


During the internship, I gained useful practical knowledge and skills and I became more diligent and responsible. This was my first internship as law student. This internship helped me in gaining professional skills and it was good start for me. It was fascinating to know the inside work environment of the consultancy. My experience at the internship was very useful and the knowledge I gained at the internship will help in my professional career.

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