June 13, 2021

Experience in My Law School by Allapureddy Vaishnavi

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The impression that law students spend their whole lives in the library learning statutes back to front, and that when they do emerge it’s to go to networking events, apply to careers or to sit exams. This just isn’t true. As with any other subject, university is exactly what you make of it and that will invariably (and should!) involve meeting some of your best friends and many of your future colleagues, getting involved in as many societies as you can make time for and having the odd quiet night in, but there are other activities in my law school that helped me to  gain practical knowledge are:

1. Legal Aid

Our College has an active legal aid centre, where. The Legal Aid Centre aims at fulfilling this purpose and alongside provides a platform to serve the poor and needy.It is often said that a person has a great impact of his group which he keeps and as a result, I too started helping people who were needy.This is the best and the most motivational activity which I enjoyed as a law student.

2. Moot Court

My Law School believes that the moot courts and mock trials play a vital role in the learning curve of law students. It recognizes that the legal education with the help of moot court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students. It also considers that the moot courts are significant tools for law students as they put them into optimum use with commitment under the supervision and guidance of the faculty.

For me, it gave me an opportunity to test my argumentative skills, advocacy skills. As Research is an important skill which every law student should have and being an active member of the Moot Court I got to learn the nuances of research which also helped me during my internships.I also participated in various Moot Court Competitions. Participating in moot court gave me the golden opportunity to hone my research and advocacy skills.

3. Court visits

Our lecturers gave us an opportunity to visit courts.First we went to the city civil court and observed the proceedings for 2 days then we went to criminal court for two days and then high court of telangana for two days. It was a great opportunity to sit in the court hall and see all the proceedings and interact with senior advocates and judges.

4. Internships 

My first internship was in rama subba reddy and associates firm where i used to read different case laws in special marriage act and hindu marriage act and i have done a project on hindu marriage act, 1955 . I got to learn about the practical aspects of Law.

During my second internship with k. Bharath ram senior counsel. There was a live case going on which i have made a project report which is government tendering in india,by doing that project i have learnt about many things about tender process and its legislations in india. . The charisma of that man deeply influenced me. He always praised me even if I gave him a single case law on the given proposition.


In my college there are many other extra curricular activities that can be really rewarding for oneself.  Studying law has its ups and downs. However, if one is interested in the subject and able to motivate yourself to work sensible hours then there are definitely more positives and it is a fantastic subject to study for five years.

Author: Allapureddy Vaishnavi (ICFAI Foundation Of Higher Education (IFHE) University)

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