October 20, 2021

Internship Experience at BnW Journal [Virtual]

Legal Internship Experiences

Name , College, Year Of Study

I am Surbhi Kumari currently pursuing B.A  LLB  (5 years ) form Amity Law School, Patna, and I am in Third year.

Name Of The Organisation


Duration of Internship

4 Weeks.



How did you apply for this Internship?

I saw the Legal internship on Internshala website and then applied through internshala, i have made CV On internshala then i have written about why i should be hired for this role (written about what i am good at and what are the qualities i have) then, i have mentioned about availability of month and then i have uploaded my work sample.

First-day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

My Application for internship was accepted and received a email regarding selection. Then, i received offer letter from organisation and sent it back after signing. On the very first day I was introduced to the work environment of the Firm and a whatsapp group has been made for all the interns.

Even though Internship was virtual due to COVID-19, each intern was given opportunity to introduce themselves, we were given a brief about what was expected of us and how the entire internship was to proceed.

Main tasks

My main task as an intern was to research on various propositions based on different subject matter such as Copyright law, Indian Penal Code, Civil Procedure Code, etc. The propositions were very interesting to work on and always resulted in a lot of learning. There was always some or the other research proposition to work on, which made the entire internship experience very enriching. They provided proper guidance for research.

I had worked as a legal researcher

  • Wrote the legal paragraphs/articles on topic related to contract law
  • Researched legal articles with dedication
  • Wrote and edited high-quality content
  • Helped in gaining knowledge
  • Used MS Word to write and submit error-free copy
  • Completed thorough research into assigned topics

In this internship work was given to me via mail. I was given the work in every week and I was suppose to mail them my work within the time limit provided by them.

Work submitted by me was reviewed and valuable feedback was given by them.

Work environment

The work environment was formal and at the same time friendly. The associates and the partners were very nice and always ensured that I understood the research proposition thoroughly. It was made sure that there is proper interaction between the interns and the associates and recent matters were discussed every now and then.

Good and Bad things

The good thing about the internship was that I enhanced my skills in legal research and they provided an opportunity for all the interns to get their articles/Research paper published, if written well, and the bad thing that I could not be part of the internship in offline mode.


Not required as it was an online.


No stipend was being provided during the course of internship.

Anything else

Any law student looking for a good place to intern in online mode should definitely apply here.


Overall, it was a very learning and amazing internship. It was a good experience, I learnt about how research work is exactly done.

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