Internship Experience at Karuna: The compassion

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Name, College, Year of Study of the Intern

Mayank Malik, JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus (3rd year)

Name of the organization

Karuna  the compassion

Address: G 521,Land mark, near Kushal Hall, Jahangirpuri, Delhi, 110033

Source of Applying

I came to know that there was an internship programme, hence, I wrote an application to the head of the department of the organisation requesting him to allow me to be a part of this internship.

Duration of Internship

3 Months

About the Organization

Karuna  the compassion a non-government organization(NGO) which is run by group of youth in order to help and uplift poor and needy people.

Karuna the compassion guarantees to each and every person that it will work within all the sections of society and will take the spirit of youth to the next level to fulfil the expectations of the growing Nation. Karuna the compassion commits to work with women, the backbone of every family, old aged people, our guide at every point and children, the building blocks of a successful life.


No stipend was provided.

Tasks Assigned

Because of this global pandemic the mode of internship is online. And most of my work is related to:

  • Fundraising
  • Digital poster making
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Research work
  • I also help stray animal by providing them food and shelter during the pandemic


I interned with a good work ethic, positive attitude and a willingness to get involved. I had Five clear goals:

1. Offers skill-based volunteering: Through skill-based volunteering, one can volunteer to help an organization with their specialized skills. For example, a Law student can volunteer to help an NGO legal aid camps etc.

2. Turns students into role models for society: As college student, you might have shared your life experiences and learning with your peers, and perhaps become a role model for them. Similarly, NGO internships give you an opportunity to lead by example.

3. Adds value to the resume: Working at an NGO requires various skills like social media management, accounting, finance, research, public speaking etc. Exploring these skills adds value in a my resume and speaks volumes about my ability to work in a professional environment.

4. Making new connections: During this internships, I often meet a diverse set of people who are working for various social causes. Such networking helps me in opening my minds to new ideologies and improving my interpersonal skills.

5. Helps in personality development: While working with an NGO, I came across various challenges that are faced by our society. Working towards solving them plays a significant role in developing qualities like empathy, humility, patience, and optimism which contribute towards my overall personality development.

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