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Legal Internship Experiences

Name , College, Year Of Study

I am Ayushi Choudhary currently pursuing B.A LL.B from Amity Law School, Patna . I am in 3rd year.

Name Of The Organisation

Legal Freedom – Law Firm in Patna

Duration Of Internship

4 weeks



Source of applying

I had applied for the internship via gmail. I had sent my resume directly to the Advocate.

Task Assigned

 This was an online internship,we are having our session of two hour daily which is done through goggle meet .So, as a legal intern we were required to read cases which was send by sir and after that we make a summary of it then give briefings of the case to sir . We have to prepare arguments of the assign cases from both sides petitioner as well as respondent and then we argue on online platform.  I was given research work to find certain case laws related to the specific provisions of Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Corporate Law.   In this internship, work was given every day and we have to submit it at the end of the day. Our work also gets reviewed and valuable feedback was given .


No stipend was being provided during the course of internship.

Good and Bad things

The good thing about the internship was that being a fourth year student, I was unaware of various fields of law but my legal knowledge has been widened by researching a diverse set of laws. I was given a chance to read case files through online media and to get an insight into various areas of law. While drafting various legal documents, I get a practical learning experience. All in all, an engaging and learning exposure.

No bad things.


Not required as it was an online.


 Overall it was a great learning,I am a law student I knew the theoretical aspects of the laws but never knew how it is applied practically.  I got a lot of knowledge about the daily workings of the court and court procedure.  The internship was very fruitful and helpful. There was clarity in understanding and smoothness in doubt clarification.

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