September 17, 2021

Internship Experience at Advocate Yash Chandel & Associates, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi

Legal Internship Experiences

Writer’s Details

I am Ambuj Deshwal, final year law student at Inmantec College, CCSU.

Details of Employer

Advocate Yash Chandel & Associates, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi

Duration of Internship

Effectively 8 months of onsite internship, although after the arrival of Covid-19, the internship turned into a work from home.

Mode of Applying

I gained the opportunity through my contacts and connections, the information of a vacancy was gained rather informally through other contacts working in the same field and then, after making an appointment at the office of Advocate Yash Chandel, I offered my services as an intern along with the relevant documents, including a brief document containing information about me on a professional level (curriculum vitae).

Work Profile

My work profile at Yash Chandel & Associates, contained proofreading of legal briefs, performing general administrative work in relation to legal offices such as application for and securing of certified copy of court documents, the profile also included handling of clients in a limited capacity. Along with all this the major part of the work assigned to me legal research, and study of arguments to be presented in the courtroom.

Work Environment

In the very first week it was clear that the work was going to be demanding as well as enjoyable and the internship provided a lot of opportunity to gain meaningful courtroom experience as well as practice in the pretrial process. Although the office at which I was interning was located inside Tis Hazari court complex, I had the opportunity to experience cases relating other jurisdictions inside Delhi, such as Saket court. At the same time, I also had the opportunity to work with other members of the legal team who were all immensely helpful, and provided me with guidance on finer points of the Law. Such as, Advocate Vipin Pillai, specializing in the matters of financial law, generally dealing with Banking related matters, and Advocate Vineet Kumar specializing in Criminal Law. Overall the experience at the internship was not merely informative but challenging and positive. The work atmosphere was extremely good.


Although it is my prerogative as a law student that most internship experiences are good and vital in the development of an upstanding practitioner of the noble legal profession, I am inclined to debate that my particular experience at Advocate Yash Chandel & Associates, was indeed outstanding. It provided me with vital experience and I had access to the best material on all the subjects of the law as well as exceptional guidance from learned and accomplished Advocates.

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