August 2, 2021

How should law students select internships?

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We received a lot of queries at our Instagram page, students asking about selecting internships.

Internships are a great way to find and explore one’s area of interests. Internship experiences help to shape one’s theoretical learning to practical application.

And when it comes to professions like Law, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary etc. these experiences play a crucial role. Take for example, in law, there are various areas of specialisation.

The areas may be Corporate Law, Criminal law, Maritime law, fashion law, intellectual property rights, etc. Now until one is exposed to such areas, he will not be able to filter out his areas of interest.

So that’s what internships are for!

And the next question that comes here is how to select internships?

The first and foremost thing to do is find an area you are looking for, for example, you want to explore Corporate Law. Now you need to find organisations offering such internships.

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As you are done preparing a list go and do a background check for the organisation. Shortlist the ones you find suitable for you. While shortlisting, check what you will able to learn? What are the skills that will benefit you?

If you find anyone interned at such place, talk to them. You can check internship experiences here.

Brownie Tip: Apply for as many internship as possible.

The next thing that what to do if paid internships are not possible. Finding paid ones will be difficult task as you might not find the paid one with all your other preferences.

So, what you should then?

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Now you are ready to apply for your right internships.

While you are applying, make sure you send your updated CV

To know how to draft a perfect CV, click here.

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