October 20, 2021

ANSWERED: Which online portals you should follow regularly?

Which online portals you should follow regularly

The most common query that students have asked us at our Instagram page

“Which online portals shall I follow regularly that would help me to excel in my law school”

We understand that the market is flooding with all sorts of online portals and it’s difficult find the right one that serves your best interest. 

Instead of listing a few, let’s go through the checklist with the help of which you will be able to decide it for yourself. These are the things you should ALWAYS keep in mind.

The first thing you should do is,

you shall look into your requirements.

What do you want?

Are you searching for law notes? Internship opportunities? Or one-to-one personalised mentorships? Or online courses?

Understand that there might be a possibility that different online portals suffice these needs of yours.

Now you know what you want, check the authenticity of the portal you have come across.

To check the authenticity, you can always research on following points.

Who runs the portal?

Who are the people handling it? Are they capable enough to give you the best? If you are not able to find out, you should think before opting any of their services/products.

What kind of content the portal provides? Is it useful? Does that help you in anyway?

Tip: To check the authenticity of any portal, you can always use LinkedIn. That’s the best platform! 

For example, for LawBhoomi, you can check about the portal at LinkedIn page (click here).

Understand that a portal providing law notes or online courses and run by students of 2nd-3rd year of law school might fail to add value to your progress in law school, as they might not be well versed with the laws of land and the experience to make the process of learning easier.

Wait for 2 minutes and just think an online course run by prestigious organisations will be more beneficial to you or a course just by some unknown portal run by someone who has just entered law school and do not know anything about law?

How about a law school kid providing you one-to-one personalised mentorship sessions?

Take another example, who will be able to provide you best law notes to read and understand law?

Apart from the above, you must also check the content, the objective and the user friendliness of the portal.

And finally ask yourself, does the portal is good enough to suffice your needs and serve your best interests?

If a portal fails the above checklist, you might me wasting your valuable time!

There might be a a-month old portal that suits you the best or years-old portal that fails the above checklist.

Note: You can DM us your query at our Instagram Page by clicking here. And we assure you will get back to you with answers! But, one answer at a time.

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