August 2, 2021

ANSWERED: Should I go for Unpaid Internships

Should I go for Unpaid Internships

We received a lot of queries at our Instagram page, students asking about unpaid internships.

We received a lot of queries at our Instagram handle, students asking whether they should go for unpaid internships.

Internships are a great way to gain experience and explore one’s areas of interest. In these present times of COVID, a lot of organizations now offer online internships. Due to this, students can now sit at their home and work for their office.

This is one of the best times that help students to gain experiences through the year, explore their interests and hone and develop their skills.

However, with such internships, it is difficult to find paid ones. And here we got answer to ever student’s query- Shall I go for Unpaid Internships.

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“My first unpaid internship was a consulting gig where I helped a startup reduce its attrition. The internship helped me pick skills to land a consulting job.

My second unpaid internship was in a company I worked, where I helped reduce the cycle time of hiring. The internship helped me change my role in my organisation.

My third unpaid internship was after many years of working. I interned in a startup to learn entrepreneurship. It helped me become an entrepreneur.

The purpose of an internship is to learn not to earn. It also gives an opportunity which you would otherwise not get.

95% of startups are not funded. It is a good way for startups to test talent before hiring them. They cant afford to hire people who dont have the skills.

It is probably the only way to help millions who are unemployed to land jobs.”

-Sandeep Kochhar (Recognized as LinkedIn top voices in 2019)

So, yes, if you can’t find paid internships, you now know how to make the best of any opportunity you have!

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