National Parliamentary Debate Kurukshetra 2023 by NLU Ranchi [Cash Prizes Worth Rs 51k]: Register by Nov 22

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About National University of Study and Research in Law

NUSRL (National University of Study and Research in Law), Ranchi, is a distinguished institution established by an Act of the State Legislature. Aligned with the vision of the constitutional forefathers, NUSRL is committed to the development of the nation through the pivotal role of law, legal systems, and institutions.

About the Opportunity

The National Parliamentary Debate Kurukshetra 2023, hosted by NUSRL’s Literary Society, is an intellectual battleground that transcends typical debates. It represents a clash of intellect and eloquence, offering participants a chance to showcase their talents and be part of a tradition that cherishes the beauty of knowledge.


UG/PG students from any college are eligible to participate in the National Parliamentary Debate Kurukshetra 2023.


Asian Parliamentary Debate (APD)

The theme for the Kurukshetra Parliamentary Debate is the Asian Parliamentary Debate (APD). APD, characterized by its dynamic format and emphasis on collaboration, reflects the spirit of dialogue ingrained in Asian discourse. Participants are invited to explore the intricacies of APD, celebrating the diversity of thought and creating a mosaic of ideas.


  • Winner: Rs. 25,000/- + Exciting Gifts
  • Runner-Up: Rs. 15,000/-
  • Best Speaker: Rs. 4,000/-
  • Best Adjudicator: Rs. 6,000/-

Important Dates

  • Kurukshetra Parliamentary Debate: December 4th to 6th, [2023]
  • Last Date to Register: November 22nd, 2023

Registration Fee

  • Team Registration (3 Speakers + 1 Adjudicator): Rs. 2500/-
  • Independent Adjudicator Registration: Rs. 599/-
  • Team Registration (3 Speakers Only): Rs. 2500/-
  • Additional Charges for Food, Lodging, Transportation, and Social Night Passes:
  • Team (3 Speakers + 1 Adjudicator): Rs. 1499/-
  • Team (3 Speakers): Rs. 1199/-
  • Independent Adjudicator: Rs. 899/-

Registration Process

Click Here To Register.

Contact Information

  • Kurukshetra Event Heads:
  • Sanchit Sinha: +91 90069 64441
  • Prekshi Bairathi: +91 75971 21198
  • Sufian Ahmed: +91 72928 73808
  • For Other Queries:
  • Gurpreet Singh (Registrations): +91 70700 93857
  • Abhishek Datta (General Event Related Queries): +91 99870 72303
  • Asmi Aarya (Miscellaneous Queries): +91 96936 41489
  • Sarthak Kumar (Miscellaneous Queries): +91 88006 23704

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