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This article provides comprehensive Cyber Law notes with case laws.

These Cyber Law notes can be used as a free, online, and self-paced course for learners, a perfect resource for Judicial Service Exams and UPSC CSE Law Optional aspirants, and a sufficient reference for readers who want to learn or research about Cyber Law.

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TopicLink To Notes
Cyber Law and Need for Data Protection in CyberspaceView Here
Advantages of Cyber LawsView Here
A Comparative Analysis: Cyber Laws vs Conventional LawView Here
Cyber Contraventions: To what extent the IT Act, 2000 deals with it?View Here

Jurisdictional Aspects in Cyber Law

TopicLink To Notes
Concepts and Issues of Jurisdiction in Cyber Space  
– Issues of jurisdiction in cyberspace
– Types of Jurisdiction
– The Test evolved
– Effects Test and International Targeting
– Jurisdiction under IT Act, 200
View Here

Cyber Crimes & Legal Framework

TopicLink To Notes
Why Cyber Crimes take place?View Here
An Introduction to various CybercrimesView Here
Juvenile Crimes In Social Networking And Mass MediaView Here
Cyber Squatting in India: A Critical AnalysisView Here
Identity Theft: An Overall ReviewView Here
Laws Against Cyber Pornography in India – Saving Dignity or Curtailing Freedom?View Here
Cybercrimes Relating To Unauthorised Access: A Critical StudyView Here
Cyber Offences v Cyber Contraventions: A Brief AnalysisView Here
Cyber Crimes and Challenges Faced by Judicial SystemView Here
Cyber Investigation: Position in IndiaView Here

Appropriate Bodies for Redressing Civil and Criminal Offence

TopicLink To Notes
Role of Adjudicating Officer under IT Act 2000View Here
Role of the Controller Under IT Act-2000View Here
Role of Certifying Authorities under IT Act 2000View Here

Right to Privacy and Data Protection on Internet

TopicLink To Notes
Concept of Privacy and Threat to Privacy on InternetView Here
Important Laws Dealing with Right to Privacy in IndiaView Here
How is breach of Privacy determined in Cyber Space?View Here
Right Of Interception Under IT Act 2000View Here
Data Protection and Privacy in India: An Overview of the Recommendations of the Srikrishna CommitteeView Here

Electronic Signature and E Contracting

TopicLink To Notes
Understanding Digital Signature Vis-A-Vis Handwritten SignatureView Here
Are e-contracts Legal in India?View Here
Online Privacy in Relation to E-ContractsView Here
Click-Wrap , Shrink-Wrap And Browse-Wrap Contracts: A Critical StudyView Here

E-Governance and E Commerce

TopicLink To Notes
E-Governance and E CommerceView Here
Laws with E-Commerce in IndiaView Here

Intellectual Property Issues in Cyber Space

TopicLink To Notes
IP Issues and Cyber LawView Here
Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace: A Critical StudyView Here
Trademark Issues in Cyberspace- An AnalysisView Here
Role of Arbitration in Resolving Domain Name Disputes: Position in IndiaView Here
Role of UDRP in Resolving Domain Name Disputes (with top 4 important case laws)View Here

Important Points of Information Technology Act, 2000

TopicLink To Notes
Admissibility of Electronic RecordsView Here
Decoding Section 66 of IT Act, 2000View Here
A Critical Analysis of Sec.79 of IT Act 2000View Here
Electronic Evidences and Admissibility in The CourtView Here

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TopicLink To Notes
Right to Privacy and The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019: Still Needs To Go A Long WayView Here
Right to access internet should be a fundamental right under Article 19View Here

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