December 5, 2021

Situation of India in the Pandemic of Covid 19


In this COVID 19 pandemic where whole country is affected , Crores were infected , lakhs were died and still battle against corona virus is going on , in this situation unemployment , education , crimes are major issues and problems . Unemployment is a situation where a person who is actively searching a job unable to find work . As right to life is part of our life similarly right to work and live with dignity in society  is also part of our life .

Reasons for Unemployment are – High rate of population , Predominance of agriculture sector , Illiteracy , lack of industrial growth , Poor  Infrastructure and many other reasons .

Violation Of Article 21 (A)

Article 21 ( A) of Indian constitution deals with RIGHT TO EDUCATION  – State shall provide tree and compulsory education to all children between age of six years to fourteen years . But in this pandemic of COVID 19 , Article 21 ( A ) is violated . Now Right to education confined to only those children who have smart electronic gadgets for studies and attending online classes . Children who belong to poor families who do not have smart electronic gadgets are unable to continue their studies due to lack of resources.  Children living in villages are also unable to continue their studies due to technical issues or due to lack of availability of electronic devices . In present days education is only part of  those students who have electronic gadgets. Due to increase in use of internet and electronic devices, cyber crimes increase by 82 % .

Cyber Crimes During Pandemic Of Covid 19

 Now a days the concept prevailing  in society  is WORK FROM  HOME that means people are  working  from  their homes  by means of  various  electronic  devices . Earlier the number of  peoples using  internet is  4.57 billion  but due to this lockdown internet consumption rose by 13%  . THAT MEANS CYBER CRIMES  ALSO  INCREASES BY 86%  IN INDIA BETWEEN  APRIL AND MARCH MONTHS  .According  to NCRB data , cyber crimes rose 19 times and  cyber crime  areas rose nine times  in India . Cyber crimes in India  are registered  under  INFORMATRION TECHNOLOGY ACT , State level legislation and IPC . Cyber Crime as categorised  as cyber terrorism ,  cyber  stalking , unauthorised access to  electronic devices ,  child pornography ,  forgery , Etcetera , Fake calls , Hacking ,  Blackmailing ,  fake news sharing on social media and many more.

State wise cyber crime list is

               STATE –                   CASES –
         Uttar Pradesh                    6280
          Karnataka                    5839
         Maharashtra                    3511
          Assam                    2022
        Telangana                    1207
        Rajasthan                    1104
        Madhya Pradesh                     740
          Gujarat                      702
          Haryana                      418

Unemployment During Covid 19 Pandemic

 In this pandemic workforce is largely affected . People losses their jobs across various sectors like services , manufacturing , industry , etc . According to recent report of Centre for monitoring India Economy (CMIE) during five months of lockdown across 21 million salaried jobs have been lost between April and August . The CMIE Covering Indian economy said that the Indian’s economic condition is putting pressure on finance of the government as revenue of government is continuously decreasing . INDIA’S GDP (GROSS DIMESTIC PRODUCT ) IS RECORDED 23.9%FROM APRIL TO JUNE BECAUSE OF THIS PANDEMIC COVID 19 .

Output of construction unit goes down by 50% and that of manufacturing unit by 40% . Unemployment rate of recorded as 27.1% . According to CMIE data devasting effect of 5 month lockdown on India’s economy.

Situation Of Migrant Workers

In this pandemic of COVID 19 people who were affected are mostly poor people and migrant workers . Nearly 90% of migrant labours lost their jobs . Millions of migrant workers had  loss of income, food shortages and uncertainty about their future life . Thousands of them  do not have TRANSPORT FACILITIES to move to their homes , as many workers  by walking hundreds and thousands kilometres reached their homes . Later central government arrange transportation facilities for them . More than 300 MIGRANT LABOURS DIED during pandemic . Government has  started  various programs and policies for migrant labour . But government have NO PROPER DATA as how many lost their jobs and how many died .

State Wise Unemployment Rate

Puducherry   – 75.8% ( highest)

Tamil Nadu   – 48.9%

Jharkhand    – 47.1%

Bihar             – 46.6%

Maharashtra – 20.9%

Haryana        –  43.2%

Sikkim           – 2.3%

Uttarakhand  – 6.5%

The impact of India’s economy is on middle class and lower class people . The government after coming in power introduce several schemes to promote entrepreneurship in the country like MAKE IN INDIA , EMPLOYMENT SCHEME OF RS.50000 CRORES FOR MIGRANT WORKERS , GARIB KALAYAN ROZGAR ABHIYAN FOR  MISSION OF 125 DAYS AND MANY MORE SCHEMES FOR BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE AND TO UPGRADE INDIA’S GDP (Gross Domestic Product ) .


It was  important for the government to announce 5 months lockdown for reducing of spread of corona virus . As the result of this India’s GDP and Unemployment rate is very much affected . But for its improvement Government has introduced many schemes. People should also cooperate with the government to WIN THE BATTLE AGAINST COVID 19 PANDEMIC . NOW THE TIME HAS CAME TO DEFEAT THE CORONA VIRUS BY STAYING HEALTHY AND STAYING SAFE . People should be aware and COOPERATE WITH THE GOVERNMENT .



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