June 13, 2021

Participation Experience: VIPS Intra Bail Competition


Name, College, Year Of Study

Harsimran Singh, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, 4th year BA LLB Student

Name Of Organization

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies


Intra Bail Competition, Oct 2019


Pitampura, New Delhi


The Institute is one of the topnotch Law Institutes and definitely upholds to its name with a huge number of legal activities and competitions. The classes being huge was not enough for the huge number of applications as half the floor was assigned as a waiting room. The Institute maintaining to its professionalism and called for a practicing Lawyer as a judge for the budding lawyers. Each individual was assigned their role to represent the plaintiff or the defendant in the court room. The candidates were marked on the basis of their memorial / bail application and their performance in the bail hearing. The memorials were exchanged by the opposing corresponding council before the hearing for rebuttal preparations. The decorum of an actual court room was resonated in the mock court room where the individual opposing councils were called. The defense and the opposing councils have to stand on the proper sides (Left or Right) and were marked accordingly for that. Unfortunately, my hearing was ex-parte hence I did not have a debate with my opposing council but I was definitely questioned by the judge more than the other participants as I observed, mostly due to the ex-parte hearing. The judge was very determined on the case laws involved and I had a number of precedents for the same and I wad also asked a few factual questions about the case itself. Although I was not grilled as a real judge it was relevant for the time we had in hand.


In my experience every student must participate in such competitions as it gives you a brief about how the courts in our judicial system works and obviously builds the mannerism of the courtroom. Also it serves as an experience for drafting bail applications and do a ton of research works and prepare for rebuttals like a real lawyer and acts as an amazing experience.  I personally felt that being in a court room, in a legal attire and being in a discussion about a case acts a really good reminder of how things will turn out in the future and how professionalism and hard work be it in the courtroom or be it drafting and researching can take you a long way.

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