October 20, 2021

Internship Experience at Advocate Cherian Varughese & Associates

Legal Internship Experiences

Name of The Organisation

Advocate Cherian Varghese and Associates, Thiruvalla, Kerala.

Duration of Internship

3 weeks


Subordinate Court, Munsif Court, Judicial First Class Magistrate, Family Court (Thiruvalla Court, Pathanamthitta, Kerala)


Law is a course that I always wanted to pursue. The only knowledge I had of this course was through movies and few fictional books. The reality of this profession was better understood when I joined college and when I first went for my court visit. Speedy trials did not happen in the way we have seen in movies.  But that did not disappoint me; it showed me a different side of the legal system. I was interning under the guidance of Advocate Cherian Varghese.

I was able to visit the following lower courts and those were Family Courts, Subordinate court, Munsif court and Judicial First Class Magistrate. I noticed that the majority of cases the Munsif and Subordinate courts were looking into were land-disputes and issues between families. The criminal courts dealt with accidents, family fights that led to physical assault or hurt or grievous hurt, etc. I was able to understand and study the procedure carried out by the courts with the guidance of the advocates who practised under Advocate Cherian Varghese. I have also visited the Family Court during the course of internship. It dealt with divorce cases. I received the opportunity to hear mediation between a husband and wife who was seeking for divorce.  In the office I was instructed to refer cases dealt by the firm and to write summary on the case I read.

The most horrifying and at the same time something new to me was a forensic report that I happened to read of a suicide/homicide victim. The report mentioned the gruesome injuries the victim (woman) had to go through which clearly indicated that the woman was murdered and the criminals made it look like a suicide. It was really difficult for my fellow advocate to explain the situation to the father of the victim because the reality of this case would tear him apart but it was essential to explain the matter to deliver justice.


There was no stipend provided during the course of internship.


To conclude my internship experience, I would like to add that the working environment under Advocate Cherian Varghese was good and informative. This internship helped me in understanding the various procedures followed by the court which is not taught in classrooms.

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