Paid Online Internship Opportunity with Adv Nikhil N.: Apply by March 4

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About Nikhil N.

Nikhil has completed his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws [B.A.,LL.B.] degree from Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, Symbiosis International (Deemed) University, Pune, India in the year 2020. He is a lawyer duly qualified to practice in India. Over the years he has built special inclination and interest towards Information Technology Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Competition Law, and Contract Law amongst other areas of law. He has Co-Authored the book, Internet Law: Regulating Cyberspace and Emerging Technologies published by Bloomsbury Professional India [ISBN: 978-9389714951] at the age of twenty-three.

About the Internship

If the intersection of law and technology interests you [or somebody you know], Nikhil N. is looking forward to have two interns who would be willing to mutually learn, assist, and work on innovative ideas. Initiation of Internship: March 20, 2023.


Who should NOT apply: –

  • If one is in the final year of either 5 year integrated or 3 year law programme.
  • One who finds it difficult in accepting contrary views.
  • One who is NOT a team player; and
  • One who knows it all.

Who should apply: –

  • The one’s with an efficient researching skills.
  • If one can express themselves clearly via written communication: their thoughts, opinions, views, and mind.
  • If one is great in planning; and
  • One possesses a super attention to detail.





Deadline for Application

Saturday, March 04, 2023; 23:59 hrs.

Initiation of Internship

March 20, 2023.

Application Procedure

Please send the application to- [email protected]n.

Make sure the subject line is: Application for Internship- “Your Full Name”; “Batch”. What should the email contain: –

Please attach your Curriculum Vitae to the email [emphasis on moot courts and research and publications]; – A brief introduction about the applicant; – Answer to the following questions in your own and in not more than 250 words:

Q1- Seeing the upward trend of law enforcement and governments around the world to end or break into encrypted chat platforms, how do you envisage the future of online messaging?

Q2- Considering the latest precedents from around the world, and the inevitably of a boom in the use of artificial intelligence, do you think it’s time that we start duly recognising and acknowledging AI based inventions?

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