Kurukshetra Parliamentary Debate by NUSRL [Prizes Worth Rs 50k]: Register by Nov 25

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National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi was established in 2010 prompted by the vision of the constitutional forefathers that the law, legal system, and legal institutions have an overarching role in the human, social, political, and economic development of the nation.

Achieving the goals enshrined in the Constitution and law being an instrument in achieving these goals needs a new perspective for its understanding, dissemination, and structural innovations. Therefore, for the last decade, a new awakening of the thrust has been given to the study of law and its constitution by establishing National Law Universities. NUSRL has been established to develop a new and progressive orientation towards legal studies, its institutions, and its relationship with other sciences.

About Literary Society, NUSRL

The Literary Society at the National University of Study and Research in Law is a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to promoting the realms of literature, art, poetry, and all forms of creative expression among our esteemed student body. Our society stands as a beacon for nurturing the diverse talents of our students, encouraging them to explore the vast landscapes of human imagination.

About Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is where intellectual battles are fought and minds are sharpened. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of this prestigious debate competition, which promises to become a cornerstone of intellectual discourse and a breeding ground for future leaders and thinkers

Kurukshetra is a 3 v 3 Asian Parliamentary Debate Competition, which will be held physically in NUSRL Ranchi from 4th to 6th December 2023.


Exciting Prize Pool of Rs. 50,000 is up for grabs

Registration Fees

Team Registration (3 Speakers + 1 Adjudicator)
Early Bird RegistrationsRs. 3000
Phase II RegistrationsRs. 3500
Teams Registration (3 Speakers)
Early Bird RegistrationsRs. 2700
Phase II RegistrationsRs. 3200
Independent Adjudicator Registration
Early Bird RegistrationsRs. 1000
Phase II RegistrationsRs. 1200
Fooding and  Lodging (Additional)
TeamRs. 900
Independent AdjudicatorRs. 300

Registration Procedure

Click Here To Register.  

and other important documents can be found here.

Contact Information

For General Queries Please Contact

  • Raj Shekhar (Student Convenor) : +91 62044 02721
  • Sanchit Sinha (Kurukshetra Event Head)  : +91 90069 64441 

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