Internship Experience at Advocate Kuldeep Raj Sharma

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Name , College, Year Of Study

Dharmika Rajput, B.COM L.L.B (H), Amity University (4th Year) 2017-22.

Name Of The Organisation

Advocate Kuldeep raj Sharma, Jammu and Kashmir district court , J&K

Duration Of Internship

One month internship from may to June  


Jammu and Kashmir district court

Task Assigned

I had visit to court and read the files. There were different types of cases but most of the cases related to divorce, property cases, and rape cases. I read the cases and analysing from both aspects, written statement, pleading, Vakalatnama, order etc. I also learn how to draft written statement and pleading. I  learnt how proceeding takes place, what are the steps to be follow in the filing of the case. First, the case is filed by the one party and then the court gives notice to the opposite party. Defendant files a written statement in the case and further proceedings go on.  Witnesses statement and the evidence are submitted in the court. The court proceeds and fixes different days and proceeding goes on. And finally, passes an order in favour of the one party.


No stipend was being provided during the course of internship.


There was good environment and I learned a lot from visiting court. My advocate kuldeep sir helped me to understand the court proceeding. There is different time for the civil proceeding and criminal proceeding. From 8 AM to 11 AM  criminal proceedings took place and from  11AM to 2PM  civil proceedings took place. Most of the cases were in civil nature. I have 2-years courtroom experience but  since Covid 19 situation, I am not able to go court and is working on Juvenile Justice Act. 

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