July 31, 2021

CV/Resume Drafting Competition by Lawnomy: Submit by Sept 18 (Free Registration)


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About the Competition

Lawnomy is organizing a CV/Resume Drafting Competition. The aim of the competition is to enhance CV/Resume drafting skills of the candidate.

The CVs/Resumes will be judged by Team Lawnomy.


The CV can be submitted in 2 categories

1. As application for a working position at Lawnomy.

2. A simple CV for the participation in the competition.

3. CVs can be submitted under 2 categories:

Category 1: CVs will be considered for internship opportunity.

Category 2: Cvs will be considered to check the CV/Resume drafting skills.

For detailed guidelines on how to prepare a resume, Click Here.

Note: The CVs submitted will remain confidential.


1. top 10 CV under category one will selected and provided internship opportunity.

2. top 10 CVs under category 2 will be recognised by certificate of appreciation.

3. Apart from the above 2, we will be selecting 15 more CVs and provide them guidance to improve it.

Note: The prizes can be increased or decreased based on the participation.

Registration and Submission


To register and submit your CV, fill this form.

Last date to register and submit- 18 September


E-mail: [email protected]

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