Canvas, Painting Competition by Magazine Committee, University of Calcutta: Submit Now!

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About University of Calcutta

The University of Calcutta (informally known as Calcutta University; abbreviated as CU) is a public state university located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It has 151 affiliated undergraduate colleges and 16 institutes in Kolkata and nearby areas.

It was established on 24 January 1857 and is the oldest multidisciplinary university of Indian Subcontinent and South East Asian Region. Today, the university’s jurisdiction is limited to a few districts of West Bengal, but at the time of its establishment it had a catchment area ranging from Kabul to Myanmar.

About the Magazine Committee

Established in the year 2019, the Magazine Committee aims to chronicle and showcase the diverse activities and achievements within the institution as well as the various competitions organized by the Committee. The Committee publishes its bi-annual magazine ‘The Muses’, written and edited by the students of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta, which chronicles all activities under the aegis of the institution and paints a picture of the yearly endeavors of this institute and its students.

This publication provides a platform for the students to exhibit their creative, scientific, literary, and academic prowess. In this edition, the committee is accepting submissions from all. It also runs an online blog “The Musing” where articles, essays, poems, and interviews are published.

About the Competition

Canvas is the flagship painting competition organized by the Committee. There is no specific theme for the competition that would allow the painters to showcase their talent without being obstructed by barriers. The painter/artist is required to submit one submission only and no co-painter is allowed. The duration of the competition is from 15th November 2023 to 30th November 2023.


  • This is a physical media painting competition. No digital art or graphics are to be used.
  • 2D and 3D work are eligible.
  • Sexually explicit or politically colored content is not allowed.
  • Any form of art other than painting such as sketching, drawing, etc not allowed.
    Use of crayons, glitter, sparkles, decorative items, etc not allowed. Any kind of paint can be used such as watercolor, oil color, pastel color, acrylic color, charcoal, chalk, etc. Use of pencil, pen, and marker is acceptable. The use of a brush, sponge, or cloth is permissible. Any other aid and stencil is not allowed.
  • Your art must be your own original concept and not published anywhere. It should not be a copy of anyone else’s copyrighted material such as Disney characters, superheroes etc.
  • The paper to be used can be of any dimension and quality. However, it must be only white. Rangolis, alpacas, or paintings on any other surface such as wall not allowed.
  • Judging criteria will include quality, difficulty level, artistic value, and presentation.
  • At any given point of time or in case of any dispute the decision of the judge is final.
  • The submission must not contain any identifying details such as name or signature in the painting.
  • Each painting should be assigned a unique title with a short description.

Submission Guidelines

  • The submission can be made in jpg, jpeg or pdf form at the given email address with the subject “Submission for Canvas”.
  • The participants should mention their full name and college in the body of the mail.
  • Non-adherence to the guidelines shall lead to disqualification.
  • Show us your creativity and get a chance to publish your painting in our Magazine.
  • Not just that, top 3 submissions be ready to see your submissions featured on the Instagram feed of the Magazine Committee.


  • E-Certificate of merits would be issued for the winner and 2 runners-up.
  • E-Certificate of participation would be given to all the participants

Submission Procedure

Send entries to: [email protected]

Subject: Submission for Canvas.

Contact Info

For further queries free feel to mail us at ‘[email protected]‘ with the subject as ‘ Query for Canvas’.

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