Call For Papers by NMIMS, Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai: Submit by August 27

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SVKM’s NMIMS is a privately deemed university located in Mumbai.

About the Journal 

The NMIMS Student Law Review is the flagship law journal of NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai, established with the objective of providing a forum for students to engage in quality legal discourse that captures the zeitgeist of contemporary legal issues.

With this, the journal strives to promote and foster a culture of serious academic research and writing. The remit of the journal is not just limited to any particular area of law, and submissions of an interdisciplinary nature analyzing contemporary legal issues are encouraged.

About Call for Papers

The NMIMS Student Law Review invites original and unpublished manuscripts, including but not limited to, long articles, short articles, case notes, and case comments, discussing issues from different facets of corporate and business laws.

Categories for Submissions

  • Book Review (2000-4000 words): Book reviews are also welcome. The review must be a crisp account of recently published books on corporate and business law themes including the issues explored and the related arguments of the author.
  • Case Notes & Comments (1500-3000 words): This category includes both case notes and comments that involve a pivotal assessment of any recent/landmark judicial pronouncement, legislation, or bill. The focus must be on a relatively recent (pronounced after April 2023) pronouncement or legislation. 
  • Long Article (5000-8000 words): This category includes submissions that comprehensively analyse a contemporary legal issue that the author(s) seeks to highlight. It must either indicate the lacunae therein or, attempt to provide possible constructive suggestions, which can address the said lacunae, or holistically cover the subject matter while offering a critical analysis of the chosen theme.
  • Short Article (3000-5000 words): This category includes submissions — that conduct an in-depth study of more specific issues and albeit in a concise manner — give the reader an insight into the legal issue identified by the author.


Including, but not limited to: 

  1. Alternate Investment Funds (Ex. Private Equity, Venture Capital, REITs, etc.)
  2. Banking Laws (Ex. Lending, Borrowing, NBFCs, Microfinancing, etc.)
  3. Competition/Antitrust Laws 
  4. Corporate Law (Ex. Corporate Governance, Commercial Laws, etc.)
  5. Foreign Exchange & International Trade
  6. Insolvency & Bankruptcy Laws
  7. Securities Law (Ex. Capital & Debt Markets)
  8. Smart Contracts
  9. Tax Laws (Ex. Direct & Indirect Tax laws)

Submission guidelines

Please find the submission guidelines here

How to Submit?

All manuscripts must be emailed in .docx format. No other mode of submission will be accepted. Submissions are to be sent through email (please find the email ID at the end of the post).

Where to Submit?

E-mail manuscripts to lawreview@nmims. edu with the subject line Submission for NMIMS Student Law Review Vol VI.

Submission Deadline

27th August 2023

Contact Information

In case of any queries, please contact lawreview@nmims. edu.

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