2-Day Multidisciplinary Conference on Women & IP by HPNLU: Submit by March 31

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The Himachal Pradesh National Law University (HPNLU), Shimla was established by an Act of the Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha in the year 2016 (Act 16 of 2016). In the seven years of its foundation, HPNLU, Shimla has seen tremendous growth and has undertaken a good number of innovative measures to enhance its academic potential. Led by the visionary scholar of law, the Vice-Chancellor Professor (Dr.) Nishtha Jaswal, the University has been proactive in organizing a series of events encompassing a wide spectrum of socio-legal issues.

Despite the spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, HPNLU, Shimla has been at the forefront of using digital platforms to raise awareness about issues as far spread as Fundamental Duties, Reproductive Rights of Women, Human Rights and Access to Justice etc.

About CIPR

CIPR is a newly established centre in the HPNLU family. IPR is a burgeoning research field. The scope of Agriculture-IPR, Sports, Health, and Music Industries, GI, Traditional knowledge, and trademarks are very wide in the northern region of the country. Hence, there is an abundant need for Education, Promotion, and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in a globalized, competitive world.

HPNLU aims to create an enabling environment by modernizing the IPR infrastructure and implementing various programmes to raise awareness among professionals and the public will be a stepping stone to success. Any academic/research activity necessitates quality human resources to manage the research positions in terms of financial and technical support to conduct any substantive research using a multidisciplinary approach in the field of Intellectual Property, and HPNLU is the ideal institution in this regard.

Therefore, HPNLU aims to conduct research in the intellectual property field on various socio-legal and socioeconomic parameters, social strata, technological fields, R&D trends, and more such developments.

About CCWS

Centre for Child and Woman Studies, a specialised Centre, established by Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla, for conducting socio-legal research in the field of rights of women and children. The centre aims at understanding and analysing policies pertaining to women’s and children’s rights and it serves as a research and training centre in the field of laws relating to women and children. It further aims to initiate and promote regional, national as well as international collaboration.


Women are making significant contributions to various fields and industries, including science, creativity, and business. In the field of science, women are driving breakthroughs and leading important research studies. For example, Dr Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist and molecular biologist, won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on the CRISPR gene-editing technique.

Women are also setting new creative trends in areas such as fashion, design, and art. For instance, Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue is a highly influential figure in the fashion industry and has helped to launch the careers of many designers. Moreover, women are building businesses and transforming industries by introducing new products, services, and business models.


  1. IP Policy :
    a. Examining the legal and policy frameworks that impact women’s IP and innovation
    b. Advocating for policy changes to better support women’s IP and innovation
    c. The role of IP in promoting women’s economic empowerment and human rights
    d. The intersection of IP and gender equality in international developments.
  2. Traditional Knowledge and IP:
    a. The role of traditional knowledge in women’s innovation and creativity
    b. Strategies for protecting and preserving traditional knowledge in IP systems
    c. The impact of IP on traditional knowledge and Indigenous women’s rights
    d. Best practices for engaging with traditional knowledge holders and respecting Indigenous women’s IP rights.
  3. Women, IP and the Law:
    a. The legal framework for protecting and enforcing women’s IP rights
    b. The impact of intellectual property law on women’s innovation and creativity
    c. Examining the gender gap in legal representation and strategies to address it
    d. The intersection of IP law with other legal areas, such as employment law and discrimination law, and their impact on women’s IP and innovation.
  4. Innovation in IP amongst women entrepreneurs:
    a. Examining the participation of women in Patents and Trademarks
    b. Studying the contribution of women entrepreneurs in specific IP areas
    c. Examining the gender disparity in community-based industries related to IPR and women’s entrepreneurship
    d. Women as Primary patent Holders
  5. Competition Law and IP Rights:
    a. Critically examining the link between competition law and IP concerning women’s rights
    b. Studying the goal of IP rights to encourage innovation by women
    c. The impact of competition law on women’s IP rights
  6. Copyright and Entertainment industry:
    a. Examining the relationship between the filmmaking process and IP in relation to women’s involvement and rights
    b. IP Rights in the music industry and the participation of women
    c. Gender disparity in copyrights and other related rights
    d. Studying the creative trends in Fashion, design and art-related IP and women’s contribution therein.
  7. Geographical Indications :
    a. Role of women recognized in the legislative definitions of GI
    b. GIs, Social Development and Women
    c. Cosmetic industry and women
  8. Women’s IP rights and IT Law:
    a. Interplay between IT Law and women’s IPR
    b. Contribution of women towards a link between IPR and IT Law

Submission Guidelines

The title of the paper should be followed by Name, Designation, Name of the Organization / University / Institution, Email address and contact details along with an Abstract of not more than 300 words. It is mandatory to mention Email addresses, as all future correspondence will be through them. Name and details of Co-author (Co-authorship is allowed up to a maximum of 2 authors), if any.

  • The paper should be in doc./docx. format.
  • The paper must be in a single-column layout with margins
  • justified on both sides.
  • The sub heading should be in font size 12, bold and Times New Roman, left-aligned.
  • The main text should be in font size 12, Normal, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing and justified.
  • The length of a paper should not be less than 3500 words (excluding footnotes).
  • All references must be in the form of footnotes with font size 10, Times New Roman, 1.0 spacing and should be according to the HPNLU Citation Style.
  • The submissions should not have more than a 10% Similarity Index.
  • Any submission violating the above-stated guidelines will be rejected. So, it is advised that the author(s) must stick to the mentioned guidelines.


Students, Academicians, Research Scholars and Professionals from related fields are eligible to participate in the conference.

Important Note

Certificates will be awarded to the registered participants who will attend the full Conference. In the case of co-authorship, each author is required to register and pay the registration fee individually.

Certificates will be awarded to the registered participants who will attend the full Conference. In the case of co-authorship, each author is required to register and pay the registration fee individually.

Registration Fee

Students/Research Scholars: 500 INR
Academicians/Professionals: 1000 INR


The accommodation has to be made by the participants themselves. In case of any assistance relating to the list of nearby budgeted hotels, you may contact our Student Convenors. (contact details are provided below)

Payment Details

A/c holder’s name – Registrar Seminar & Conference a/c HP National law university
Account no- 14100110051955
IFS Code- UCBA0001410

Important Dates

Submission of Abstract – 31st March 2023

Selection of Abstract and Fee Payment – 2nd April 2023

Submission of Manuscript & PPT – 18th April, 2023

Conference Date – 26th – 27th April, 2023

Submission Procedure

All the submissions should be made by clicking here.

Official Notification

The official notification is here.

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