1st NLUO Diplomatic Policy Drafting Competition by ILPS [Cash Prizes Worth Rs 10K]: Register by April 5

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About NLUO

National Law University Odisha is a public law school and a National law University in India located at Cuttack, Odisha. It was established in 2008 under the National Law University Odisha Act, commencing its first batch from July 2009.

About ILPS

The ILPS has been established to provide through research, working papers, publications, seminars, conferences, projects, and engagement, a platform for intellectual dialogue on contemporary issues of international law and foreign policy. The emphasis of this society will be on public international law, international affairs, and foreign policies of different countries. The society aims to engage with various stakeholders such as scholars, universities, policymakers, think tanks, and intergovernmental organizations. It provides students from different law universities the opportunity to publish their blogs and articles on international laws and policies on our distinguished website.

About the Competition 

In the arena of international relations and diplomacy, the key to resolving disputes is to formulate a firm and decisive diplomatic policy around which the course of action of a nation shall revolve. The world in the 21st century has witnessed a transitional shift from a complicated world order to complex world order. The complicated world order can be correlated to a game of chess that is quite intricate with infinite possibilities but it has set rules for the pieces to move.

On the contrary, a complex world order can be correlated to a game of snooker where even a maestro may not be able to play the same shot again to achieve the same desired result. In this complex world order, countries bank on a fixed structured diplomatic policy to manage international relations but the said policy may not yield the same result every time. Therefore, in such a complex world there is always room for fresh and dynamic perspectives. To kindle this approach of having a dynamic perspective on international issues among the research scholars, professionals, and students, the International Law and Policy Society at NLUO brings forth the 1st edition of the Diplomatic Policy drafting competition.

Structure of the Competition 

We hereby invite submissions from students, academicians, lawyers, professionals and all others who wish to contribute in policy making. Participants have to register for the competition before the last date of registration, post which they shall make the payment of the registration fees, please note that a maximum of 2 co-participants are allowed to take part in the competition. The participants are supposed to submit a diplomatic policy in accordance with the manuscript guidelines mentioned below for both sides of the dispute.

Competition Problem and Guidelines 

The competition problem along with the guidelines for drafting of the diplomatic policy has been attached for the participants. 

Important Dates 

Registration Opens: 15 March 2023
Release of problem statement: 15 March 2023
Last date for registration: 05 April 2023
Last date to seek clarification on Problem Statement: 25 March 2023
Last date for submitting manuscripts: 10 April 2023


  •    Best Policy Submission- Rs. 5,000
  •    Second Best Policy Submission- Rs. 3,000
  •   Third Best Policy Submission- Rs. 2,000
  • Note- Merit certificates shall be awarded to all the winners & Certificate of Participations shall be awarded to all the participants. 
  • Eagerly awaiting an enthusiastic response. 


The registration link for the competition is:

Click Here To Register.

The registration fees is Rs. 250 for single participant & Rs. 400 for 2 co-participants

Payment Details

All the payments shall be made through SBI Collect as mentioned here in the payment process. Please note that the SBI Collect portal accepts payment through all gateways like UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net-Banking, etc. The Last date for payment is 5th April 2023. Further, all the participants are requested to attach the SBI collect payment receipt in the registration form as well.

Submission Procedure

All the submissions must be submitted through the google form available here.

Contact Information 

Email- [email protected] 

Vedant Sharma (Convenor) – 77358 55067

Maulsree Srivastava (Secretary)- 8279701734 

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