Must Read Best Books for Law Students

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Here is a list of books that we recommend law students to read!

Along with a short description of book, we have added a link to the book too!

1. Landmark Judgments That Changed India

by Asok Kumar Ganguly 

In Landmark Judgments that Changed India, former Supreme Court judge and eminent jurist Asok Kumar Ganguly analyses certain cases that led to the formation of new laws and changes to the legal system. Discussed in this book are judgments in cases such as Kesavananda Bharati v. State of Kerala that curtailed the power of Parliament to amend the Constitution; Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India and Others that defined personal liberty; and Golaknath v. State of Punjab, where it was ruled that amendments which infringe upon fundamental rights cannot be passed.

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2. The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of A Nation 

by Austin Granville

The Indian Constitution provides a history of the Indian Constituent Assembly. It discusses how and why the members of the Assembly wrote their constitution as they did. This new edition of Austin’s classic work has a preface that brings it up to date with contemporary developments in constitutional law.

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3. We, the People

by Nani A. Palkhivala 

A book for all persons and all seasons indeed. Each topic is illuminated with sensitivity and sunlight-clear exposition. Public memories are irresponsibly short and selective, and this book, spanning as it does the Nani A. Palkhivala’s name is a byword in India’s legal world. A man of many and varied parts, he has crossed with ease the law’s narrow confines and has gone beyond into numerous other fields. Palkhivala discusses many subjects – education and democracy; economic growth and social justice; socialism and taxation; crucial constitutional issues and memorable judgements; personalities and the law; nuclear proliferation and apartheid; and his experiences as the Ambassador of India to the U.S.A.

For link to this book, click here.

4. 10 Judgements That Changed India 

by Zia Mody

This book presents a compilation of 10 essays on some of the most influential judgments’ that were passed by the Supreme Court of India and proved to be life-altering for the common man and the democracy of the nation.

These judgments by the Indian Judiciary proved that the nation’s legal system is not as irresolute as often cited. The author attempts to paint the complete picture of some of the most controversial cases, like Maneka Gandhi versus the Union Bank of India, the Union Carbide Corporation versus Union of India, Mohammed Ahmed Khan versus Shah Bano Begam and Olga Tellis versus the Bombay Municipal Corporation among others.

For link to this book, click here.

5. The Case That Shook India: The Verdict That Led To The Emergency 

by Prashant Bhushan

On 12 June 1975, for the first time in independent India’s history, the election of a prime minister was set aside by a high court judgment. The watershed case, Indira Gandhi v. Raj Narain, acted as the catalyst for the imposition of the Emergency. Based on detailed notes of the court proceedings, The Case That Shook India is both a significant legal and a historical document.

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6. The Cases That India Forgot 

by Chintan Chandrachud 

Can a state legislature imprison a critic and summon a high court judge to appear before it? Are religion-based personal laws above fundamental rights? Why did the Punjab Police organize a band to celebrate the defeat of the state in a case of sexual harassment? In this book, constitutional expert Chintan Chandrachud takes us behind the scenes and tells us the stories of ten extraordinary and dramatic legal cases from the 1950s to the present day that have all but faded from public memory. Chandrachud paints an unexpected picture of the Indian judiciary – the courts are not always on the right side of history or justice, and they don’t always have the last word on the matters before them. This entertaining book is an incisive look into the functioning of Indian institutions.

For link to this book, click here.

7. Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius 

by Soli J. Sorabjee, Arvind P. Datar 

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8. India’s Legal System: Can it Be Saved? 

by Fali S. Nariman  

India has the second-largest legal profession in the world, but the systemic delays and chronic impediments of its judicial system inspire little confidence in the common person. In India’s Legal System, renowned constitutional expert and senior Supreme Court lawyer Fali S. Nariman looks for possible reasons. While realistically appraising the criminal justice system and the performance of legal practitioners, he elaborates aspects of contemporary practice, such as public interest litigation, judicial review and activism. In lucid and accessible language, Nariman discusses key social issues such as inequality and affirmative action, providing real cases as illustrations of the on-ground situation.This frank and thought-provoking book offers valuable insights into India’s judicial system and maps a possible road ahead to make justice available to all.

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9. Before Memory Fades: An Autobiography

by Fali S. Nariman 

Fali S. Nariman is a well-known name as he has been involved in many high profile cases. In Before Memory Fades: An Autobiography, he tells his own story, from his childhood to his days in the Bombay High Court and continues to present his experiences as he rose to higher positions. The book contains many interesting anecdotes about his days as an advocate in the Bombay High Court, reminiscences about fellow lawyers and judges. The author also talks about his resignation from the post of Additional Solicitor General of India in protest against Indira Gandhi’s declaration of Emergency. He also goes into the controversy he attracted with his decision to defend the Union Carbide company in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case.

For link to this book, click here.

10. The Rebel: A Biography of Ram Jethmalani

by Susan Adelman 

Ram Jethmalani has been called many things—a legal legend, a wizard of the law and a magnet for controversy with a knack for defending the most notorious figures in India. With a career spanning the entire history of independent India and still going strong, he has managed to command respect and evoke anger in equal measure. But did you know that he is the most pro-Israel politician in Asia; one of the founders of the prestigious National School of Law, Bangalore, one of the first to raise the issue of corruption in India; founder of the Sunday Guardian in the late eighties, one of the longest-serving parliamentarians and that he is married to two wives at the same time?

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