June 19, 2021

Review Results for Submissions Received on or Before 30 June 2020

Authors of Upcoming Issues of Jus Weekly are: (for Submissions Received on or Before 30 June 2020)

· Aadya Malik

· Abhishrey Singh

· Dr. Trupti Jadhav

· Palak Saraswat

· Rishabh Dixit

· Sakshi Chandna

· Shreya Agarwal

· Shruti Bharti

· Shruti Pandav

· Tasha.B.Joseph

Apart from the above mentioned, the authors’ whose article didn’t qualify for Jus Weekly e-Magazine but qualifies for blog publication are:

· Aniket Raj

· Asma Praveen

· Harshita Calla Pakhi Duttaroy

· Mihika Swaroop

· Nandini Modi

· Nayan Prakash

· Shanu Kumari Chandwasia

· Vanshika Aggarwal and Aparna Sthapak

Note: This is the final result for the submissions received on or before 30 June.

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