January 17, 2022

Issues, Prospects, and Challenges during Virtual Internships

Internship Opportunity for law students

In March 2020, the world came across the noxious pandemic disease shattering all our life known as Covid-19. This pandemic resulted in worldwide lockdown leaving no choice but to continue with the ‘New Normal’. Before Covid-19 only 39% of virtual interns are hired, but this drastically increased to 70%. Doing internships is no longer a choice but a necessity for college students. A large number of universities and colleges across India have made internships a part of their curriculum. A virtual internship is a work experience placement that students can do from home. During the internship, students communicate with their employer through a range of resources, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, email, webinars, and Slack. Even the hiring process shifted to Online and offering work from home until the pandemic situation improves, Interns have no choice rather than to accept the offer letter of internships through emails only. Virtual internships look great on the resume but are they worth the time and effort an intern is putting?


  • Online internships majorly depend on video conferencing emails group conversation laptops and a good wifi connection which may lack in many households. Therefore, technology is the key criterion to make the online internship possible. Many people are also not well proficient with the technology and may face technical glitches often. Not being well versed with the technology results in miscommunication with the people and many would get abashed by their mistakes and take too much load on their mind which can lead to anxiety and reticence.
  • The approach of entry and exit time is strictly followed in the works site. As the office hours are fixed for the employees and well as the interns but when it comes to Online internships this factor is badly taken advantage of by the interns they get overwork for the mere reason that they are at home and can extend their duration of work. They also overburden interns knowing the reason that they will do it because they don’t have a choice.
  • During virtual internships, we have to be fully occupied ourselves with the technology and the screens which give us a lot of health and mental issues. Lack of Cardiovascular activities lack of muscle movement increases the amount of lactic acid in the body. The posture of the body is badly affected which increases a lot of physical challenges for the people. Lack of communication increases mental issues which cannot be easily tackled and leaves a patch for the whole lifetime.


  • In the long run of virtual internships, one of the major prospects of an online internship can be detrimental in respect of one’s ability to reckon about a task or problem in a new or unique way, or the proficiency to use the imagination to create new concepts.
  • The use of information and communication technologies by an individual or a group for their virtual proposals or recommendation can cause numerous species of digital Harassment such as cyberbullying, exploitation and coercion, sexting, trolling with fairly limited rights to defend themselves.
  • Research has shown that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Virtual Internships is nowhere committed to providing for the same. Lack of Physical movement or communication during the reel internships can lead to the feeling of anxiety, depression, and various cardiovascular disease.
  • A long arduous journey of virtual internships is not worth it when it moves toward making a platform for bringing about networking opportunities. The lack of communication among the co-interns and the organization consequences in having a restricted and momentary hierarchy.


  • One of the major challenges during virtual internship is that makes the people too lethargic. The enthusiasm found during offline or field internships is missing among the students which reducing the solemnity of the students which results in taking the internship for granted. This is not only found in students but also the faculty taking their internships. The constant requirement of self-motivation lacks you don’t the strict time rules and feel very comfortable laying down on the sofa which will be the devil factor when the actual job takes place.
  • The Best factor of the offline internship is the in-person experience you get while meeting different people of different backgrounds having different personalities. You grow and leave no stone unturned on your capabilities to the farthest extend grow new interests but this is very difficult to understand the people the work they do over a phone call or a random chat. The mentor also faces barricades in providing effective supervision. But if this is done on the work-site it becomes easy to catch the person daily work and help them with their needs.
  • Covid is a serious time for many or almost all of us but life does not stop for any person and especially students have their career strain and academic qualifications which are paramount for their future. The amount of mental pressure every individual is going through is a lot but still, they do the work. Distraction is a lot at most of the individuals home like people who are still in anguish from covid whether me my grandparent’s parents or them.


A traditional internship gives us professional work experience on the first hand and the other hand, traditional internships enhance our ability to communicate effectively with superiors and co-interns. skills of an individual and introduces us to a professional world. Overall online internships are a game changer from what we know of as traditional internship experiences. It opens doors to those who could not afford financially or time-wise, to participate in an office-based internship experience. Self-management can be achieved only through habit-forming and by adopting a more organized living It will challenge you to be a self-starter, communicate with others, and push your limits out of your comfort zone. A virtual internship is a great way to gain valuable experience with flexibility.

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