June 13, 2021

Internship Experience at Vinayak Lex Solution, Law Firm

Legal Internship Experiences

Name, College, Year of Study:

My name is Nikhil Jain, a final year student pursuing  BBA LL.B from Delhi Metropolitan Education affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi- 110078.

Name of the Organisation and its full address:

Vinayak Lex Solution, Law Firm, Chamber No. 591, Western Wing, Tis Hzari Courts, Delhi- 110054.

Duration of Internship:

One Month

Work Profile/Main Tasks:

We had court hearings daily and I used to go for hearings daily with them. So, as a legal intern i had to read files of cases before its hearing so that on the date of hearing i can understand what is happening in the case and how it happen practically in the court room. Sometimes I had also done filling of cases under the guidance of seniors. I had assisted advocates in drafting suits, legal notices, petitions etc. Sometimes I had also attended client meetings for learning basically that how to communicate with clients. I used to find relevant judgements related to the cases. Besides this I had also done some clerical works that are also very important for those who wants to do practice litigation.


My internship was an in-office internship so I got to experience the daily workings of the court closely and learnt work ethics. As a law student till now I knew only the theoretical aspects of the laws but never knew how it is applied practically. So, it was all interesting for me. It was a great experience for me to observe everything. Assisted in doing drafting was also a great experience for me. 

Good Things:

I received full support from the advocates in this internship. They were very cooperative and they guided me through their valuable suggestions which helped me in gaining practical things regarding law. They were young lawyers so there was very friendly environment. They helped me and taught me every smallest things regarding a case.                                

Bad Things:

No bad things.


It was an unpaid internship so I didn’t get any stipend.


It was a very productive and fruitful internship because it helped me a lot in gaining practical knowledge. I got a lot of knowledge about the daily workings of the court and court procedure. It is very different from everything we have been seeing in movies. So, it was an amazing learning as well as working experience. Overall it was a great experience because it taught me a lot of things, like, punctuality, formal language, neatness, how to interact with your colleagues, etc.

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