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International law consists of rules and principles governing the relations and dealings of nations with each other, as well as the relations between states and individuals, and relations between international organizations. 

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Introduction to International Law

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International Law: Definition, Nature, Theories and Development  
– Introduction
– Definitions
– Nature of International law
– Legality of International Law- Positive Morality
– Theories as to Basis of International Law
– Development of International Law
View Here

Sources and Subjects of International Law

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Sources of International Law  
– Customs
– Treaties and Conventions
– General Principles of Law Judicial
– Decisions
– Other Sources
View Here
Subjects of International Law: Meaning, Theories, Rights and DutiesView Here

International Law and Municipal Law

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What is the relation between International Law and Municipal Law?  
– Monistic Theory
– Dualistic Theory
– Application Of Rule Of Law In International Law (India)
View Here
Important Theories of under International LawView Here

Recognition and Jurisdiction of States

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State Recognition and Its Relevance in Present WorldView Here
State Jurisdiction under International LawView Here

State Responsibility and State Succession

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State Responsibility under International lawView Here
State Succession under International Law  
– Meaning
– Theories of State Succession
– Rights and Duties arising out of State Succession
View Here
What does Statelessness mean under International Law?View Here

Law of Treaties

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Law of Treaties in International Law  
– Concept of Treaty
– Kinds of Treaties
– Binding Force of Treaties Parties of a Treaty
– Formation of a Treaty Reservations Invalidity and Termination of Treaties
– Treaty, International Law and Constitutional Right  
View Here
Emergence of the Principle Pacta Sunt Servanda in International LawView Here
An Analysis on Principle of Jus Cogens vis-a-vis Treaty LawView Here
Position Relating to Treaties under the Indian ConstitutionView Here

Individuals under International Law

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Position of Individual in International LawView Here
Individuals under International Law: Position and Loss of NationalityView Here
Extradition and Rules relating to Extradition in International LawView Here

Settlement of International Dispute

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Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in International Law
– Arbitration
– Negotiation
– Mediation
– Good Offices
– Conciliation
View Here
International Court of JusticeView Here
International Court of Justice : A Protector of Developing NationsView Here
Settlement of International Dispute Under UNO With Special Reference to Compulsive MeansView Here
Compulsive Means of Settlement of International Dispute: Retortion, Reprisals, Embargo, Pacific Blockade, and InterventionView Here
Settlement of Disputes under United Nations OrganisationsView Here

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