January 24, 2022

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About The School of Law Manipal University, Jaipur 

COMPLEX PROBLEMS. DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES. CREATIVE SOLUTIONS is the motto of SHSS, MUJ. It represents our unique style of observing—and learning about—life and the world in an interdisciplinary and intercultural way. MUJ offers a comprehensive choice of possibilities, experiences, and opportunities while maintaining it’s commitment to small classes, individualized attention, and career preparation. The rich experience and intellectual diversity of our dedicated faculty, indeed will help you to make life-long choices which shall contribute to the wellbeing of society, nature and  own selves.

All programs intend to make learn outside the boundaries of the chosen disciplines, beyond the classroom. As a Graduate of the School student will enjoy an environment that would stimulate inquiry, research skills, exploration, and evaluation – contributing to an integral part of your life-longlearning. The learning experience here not just how to do but also why, and more importantly, how to be, in the contemporary world. Being part of this will be a exclusive lifelong learning experience. 

About the Jasol Dialogue

The Jasol Dialogue a youth-based independent and non-partisan think-tank doing legal and Policy research to make better laws, policies and improve governance for the public welfare. 

Founded in July 2020, we believe in enhancing informed legal and policy deliberations at various levels aiding in the development of the informed citizenry.

Jasol Dialogue’s quest is to bring Law and Policy to the people and eventually connect them with issues that really matter in today’s era, with the long-term aim of driving ameliorations through informed public opinion and citizenry participation. To provide forums for global thinkers and leaders from academia, government, politics, business, and journalism to discuss major global issues and their implications for the world and India in particular.


Caste Discrimination in U.S. Employment Law

Guest Speaker

Dr. Guha Krishnamurthi, Assistant professor, South Texas College of Law Houston.

Important date

Date- 20-12-2020
Time- 6:00pm- 7:00pm (IST)


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