Emerging Economic Frauds in Banking Sector

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Money performs a very essential role inside the lives of people in nowadays lifestyles. It has evolved from cash to paper currency notes to credit score playing cards, and with that evolution, the increase in monetary fraud is evident.

The machine of easy barter changed to speculative global education. In order to address these complicated monetary structures, need for a third celebration arose, to help the easy handling of the transactions, mediate between the buyer and the seller, maintain the custody of cash and the goods, remit finances and additionally to accumulate proceeds.

This function of mediate is properly taken by the Bank and the mediators are the Bankers. With time, the range of such mediators have grown and subsequently, the need to govern and alter their activities has additionally invited the government’s control.

Fraud’ is described as a crook deception, use of false representations to benefit unjust advantage, dishonest artifice or trick.

‘Fraud’ is likewise nicely-described underneath Section 17 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

There has been no proper definition of financial institution frauds tried by using anyone till date. At gift, the sections beneath IPC protecting dishonest, concealment, counterfeiting, misappropriation, breach of accept as true with, criminal conspiracy, and so on. Are used in all bank fraud instances. There are no right sections handling financial institution frauds and finding out the criteria for commission of such frauds or their punishments. It is vital to say that these financial frauds in India aren’t but described beneath the crook offences although they reason sufficient harm and loss to the financial institutions and banks. The state of affairs is now becoming explosive and the variety of these frauds have fantastically multiplied with the improved knowledge about the era. RBI had installation an Expert committee on felony components of bank frauds in 2001 with Dr. NL Mitra as chairman after massive frauds like Harshad Mehta scam, vanishing agencies’ rip-off, plantation company scams, non-banking organizations’ scams, mutual budget scams, and Ketan Parekh rip-off.

Frauds Rise as The Economy Slows Down

The increase in financial institution frauds has been glaring and has extended seven-fold in only 5 years.

The malpractices at Public Sector Bank (PSBs) accounted for ninety% of the fraud value and 55% of the range of frauds. PSB frauds have persevered to get worse inside the present day monetary year, i.e., 2019-20, as cautioned through the most current information. The finance minister additionally stated to a recent query in Rajya Sabha, that the PSB frauds had reached Rs. 95,760 crores among April and September 2019, whereas, it was Rs. 64,509 crores at some stage in the 2018-19.

The chronology of losses to banks is such that, the State Bank of India recorded the very best losses amounting to Rs. 25,417 Crores, followed through Punjab National Bank amounting to Rs. 10,822 Crores and Bank of Baroda amounting to Rs. 8,273 Crores.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released a document in 2017, suggesting that the charge of financial crimes (as stated underneath the Indian Penal Code, or IPC) rose to 111.Three crimes according to million human beings in 2017 from 110 in 2014. Economic crimes here consist of crimes starting from ATM-associated fraud to forgery to counterfeit notes. Jaipur has been pronounced because the epicenter of economic crimes and the lease wide variety of economic crimes are said in Chennai.

The growth in range of frauds is also a result of its reporting. Since the instances were widely registered and a Central Fraud Registry has been established by way of the RBI, it has helped in monitoring the cases. RBI has additionally mandated that everyone non-performing belongings with fee exceeding Rs. 50 Crores ought to be examined for any viable fraud. These crimes are not restricted to the usual banks, however are also prolonged to small banks.

More typically, it may be said that those frauds can worsen within the time of slowdown and as a concept shows, as a company struggles for growth and reel beneath the situation of more debts, they may be tempted to contain in fraudulent activities more.

One latest fraud in banking quarter turned into pronounced by PNB, for Rs. Three, 688.58 Crores in DHFL account. The variety of those frauds were continually growing. In monetary year2019, RBI reported financial institution frauds well worth Rs. 71,500 crores out of which ninety% of those losses had been to the Government owned banks.

However, the shortage of judicial system in such instances is that, there’s no codified regulation for such frauds in prison international but a shape has been created for filing police/CBI court cases.

Factors Contributing To These Frauds and the Risk-Prone Areas

There are eight noticeable reasons behind the commencement of these frauds-

  1. Lack of oversight by using the management if case of deviation from the current procedure. This constitutes 73% of the full reasons contributing to such frauds.
  2. Consistent commercial enterprise pressure to satisfy the set objectives, constituting 50% of the contribution in such frauds.
  3. In case of a hard enterprise situations, constituting 47% of the contribution.
  4. Lack of equipment to become aware of the high-chance patterns and the transactions, constituting 37% of the contribution.
  5. Collusion or disturbance between the personnel and the outside parties, constituting 33% of the contribution.
  6. Change in business approach, with none modifications in its execution plan, constituting 27% of the contribution.
  7. Lack of fraud chance framework in the business enterprise, constituting 23% of the contribution.
  8. However, 7% of the reasons have nevertheless now not been disclosed.

Types of Bank Fraud

Accounting Fraud

In order to cover severe economic troubles, some businesses were recognized to apply fraudulent bookkeeping to overstate sales and earnings, inflate the well worth of the organization’s assets, or state a profit whilst the enterprise is running at a loss. These tampered facts are then used to be looking for investment in the employer’s bond or safety problems or to make fraudulent mortgage applications in a very last try to attain more money to put off the inevitable collapse of an unprofitable or mismanaged company. Examples of accounting frauds: Enron and World Com and Ocala Funding.

These organizations “cooked the books” on the way to seem as even though they’d income each zone, whilst in reality they have been deeply in debt.

Demand Draft Fraud

Demand draft (DD) fraud commonly includes one or greater corrupt bank personnel. Firstly, such personnel put off a few DD leaves or DD books from inventory and write them like a everyday DD. Since they’re insiders, they understand the coding and punching of a demand draft.

Such fraudulent demand drafts are normally drawn payable at city without debiting an account. The draft is cashed on the payable department. The fraud is observed best whilst the bank’s head workplace does the branch-sensible reconciliation, which usually takes six months, by the point the cash, is gone.

Remotely Created Check Fraud

Remotely created assessments are orders of price created through the payee and authorized by using the client remotely, the usage of a cellphone or the net by using supplying the desired data along with the MICR code from a valid test. They do not bear the signatures of the customers like regular cheque. Instead, they bear a legend announcement “Authorized by Drawer”.

This sort of instrument is normally used by credit score card businesses, utility groups, or telemarketers. The loss of signature makes them susceptible to fraud. The fraud is considered Demand Draft fraud inside the US.

Uninsured Deposits

A financial institution soliciting public deposits may be uninsured or no longer licensed to function in any respect. The objective is generally to solicit for deposits to this uninsured “financial institution,” despite the fact that a few may sell stock representing ownership of the “bank.” Sometimes the names seem very legit or very similar to those of valid banks.

For instance, the unlicensed “Chase Trust Bank” of Washington D.C. Appeared in 2002, bearing no association to its seemingly obvious namesake; the actual Chase Manhattan Bank is based totally in New York. Accounting fraud has additionally been used to hide different theft taking location within a business enterprise.

Bill Discounting Fraud

Essentially a confidence trick, a fraudster makes use of a corporation at their disposal to advantage the bank’s self-belief, by using posing as a actual, profitable customer. To deliver the phantasm of being a preferred client, the organization regularly and repeatedly uses the financial institution to get price from one or extra of its clients.

These bills are always made, because the clients in query are part of the fraud, actively paying any and all payments the bank attempts to gather. After the fraudster has gained the banks consider, the organization requests that the financial institution begin paying the organization up the front for payments it will collect from the clients later. Many banks will agree however aren’t likely to move entire hog proper away. So again, commercial enterprise maintains as normal for the fraudulent enterprise, its fraudulent clients, and the unwitting financial institution. As the bank grows more at ease with the arrangement, it’s going to trust the enterprise increasingly more and be willing to offer it large and large sums of money up the front.

Eventually, while the extremely good stability among the financial institution and the organization is adequately huge, the employer and its clients disappear, taking the money the financial institution paid up front and leaving no person to pay the payments issued through the financial institution.

Duplication or Skimming of Card Information

This takes some of paperwork, ranging from traders copying clients’ credit card numbers for use in later illegal sports or criminals the usage of carbon copies from antique mechanical card imprint machines to steal the info, to the usage of tampered credit or debit card readers to copy the magnetic stripe from a payment card even as a hidden camera captures the numbers at the face of the cardboard.

Some fraudsters have connected fraudulent card stripe readers to publicly accessible ATMs to benefit unauthorized get entry to the contents of the magnetic stripe as well as hidden cameras to illegally report customers’ authorization codes. The statistics recorded by using the cameras and fraudulent card stripe readers are ultimately used to provide reproduction playing cards that would then be used to make ATM withdrawals from the sufferers’ debts.

Cheque Kiting

Cheque kiting exploits a banking system called “the glide” in which money is briefly counted twice. When a cheque is deposited to an account at Bank X, the cash is made available right away in that account even though the corresponding sum of money isn’t always right away removed from the account at Bank Y at which the cheque is drawn. Thus each banks briefly count number the cheque quantity as an asset until the cheque officially clears at Bank Y. The flow serves a legitimate purpose in banking, but intentionally exploiting the glide when budget at Bank Y are insufficient to cover the quantity withdrawn from Bank X is a form of fraud.

Banking Fraud In Country


The Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework outlines the preventions, detection, investigation and reporting responsibilities set through the Australian Government for fraud manipulate. The framework includes three documents known as The Fraud Rule, Fraud Policy and Fraud Guidance

The Fraud Rule is a legislative tool binding all Commonwealth entities setting out the key necessities of fraud control.

The Fraud Policy is a central authority policy binding non-corporate Commonwealth entities taking off the procedural requirements for unique regions of fraud manipulate consisting of investigations and reporting.

The Fraud Guidance preventing, detecting and handling fraud, helps fine exercise steering for the Fraud Rule and Fraud Policy starting off the government’s expectancies for fraud manipulate arrangements within all Commonwealth entities.

Other critical acts and rules within the Australian Government’s fraud control framework encompass the:

  • Crimes Act 1914, which sets out criminal offences in opposition to the Commonwealth, consisting of fraud
  • Criminal Code 1995, which units out crook offences against the Commonwealth, such as fraudulent conduct
  • Public Service Act 1999 and the Public Service Regulations 1999, which provide for the establishment and management of the Australian Public Service and its employees
  • Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Proceeds of Crime Regulations 2002, which provide for the confiscation of the proceeds of crime.


A lawsuit concluded in 2012 in the metropolis of Wenling, Jejiang province made information due to the fact the local court ordered the financial institution to absolutely reimburse a man who turned into the victim of card duplication

United States

Under federal law, bank fraud inside the United States is defined, and made unlawful, more often than not with the aid of the bank fraud statute in Title 18 of the U.S. Code. 18 U.S.C. § 1344 states.

Whoever knowingly executes, or tries to execute, a scheme or artifice—

  1. To defraud an economic institution; or
  2. To reap any of the moneys, finances, credit, assets, securities, or different belongings owned by, or under the custody or manage of, a financial organization, with the aid of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises;

will be fined now not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not extra than 30 years, or both.


It is obvious that put up liberalization generation has showered new colors of boom upon the Indian banking sector but simultaneously it has additionally posed some serious demanding situations; one in all them being upward thrust in frauds and NPAs. This bad improvement of growing fraudulent sports afflicting the banking zone generates now not simplest losses for the banks involved however additionally impinges their credibility adversely.

Frauds and fraudulent sports wreak severe monetary dilemmas on banks and their clients, in addition to cause a extensive discount within the quantum of money handy for economic improvement. While it can no longer in all likelihood for banks to behavior their operations in a 0 fraud milieu, proactive measures, including conduct of danger evaluation of guidelines and processes can useful resource banks to avoid their danger of contingent losses on account of frauds. The information analysis technology can be leveraged by using banks to detect frauds at the incipient stage itself and reduce their loss inflicting impact considerably.

In current years, instances of banking fraud pronounced in India are on a constant upward thrust. Even although in India, banking frauds have often been handled as one of the charges of transacting commercial enterprise, after liberalization their frequency, complexity and inherent expenses of frauds have swelled manifold resulting in a very grave cause of alarm for regulators, because of its harsh effect on the banks profitability and consequently on the Indian economic system.

This article has been contributed by Akansha Barua, student at Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University). The views are personal, if any.


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