April 16, 2021

Call for Submissions| by Stanford Environmental Law Review: Rollings submissions!

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Stanford Environmental Law Review, a student-run bi-annual journal, calls for submissions dedicated to analyses of current environmental legal issues and policies.

About the Journal

The Stanford Environmental Law Journal (ELJ) was founded in 1978. It is a scholarly periodical dedicated to analyses of current environmental legal issues and policies.

The journal is run, compiled, and edited entirely by Stanford Law School students. ELJ publishes articles, and sometimes essays, on timely and important issues in natural resources law, environmental policy, law and economics, international environmental law, and other topics relating to law and the environment.


ELJ solicits submissions from academics, practitioners, and others; it also accepts student articles and notes. ELJ publishes in January and June.


ELJ publishes timely and important issues in the following topics:

  • Natural resources law
  • Environmental policy, law, and economics
  • International environmental law
  • And other topics relating to law and the environment.

Submission procedure

  • ELJ only accepts electronic submissions (via email or Scholastica), preferably in Microsoft Word format. Please direct all email submissions to our Article Review Board Chair.
  • While Microsoft Word format is strongly recommended by ELJ, a Word Perfect format will not be disqualified. However, their editing process takes place entirely electronically using Microsoft Word; if ELJ accepts your article, they will send you edited drafts and expect you to return revised drafts, in Word.
  • For a description of how the articles are evaluated and the qualities they look for in submissions, please review the Article Selection Process.
  • Please submit your work to [email protected]

To find the detailed information submission procedure, click here.


Environmental Law Journal
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