June 15, 2021

Call for Articles for LawBhoomi Blog [No Publication Fee]: Rolling Submissions!

About the Blog:
LawBhoomi welcomes blog submissions on rolling basis on topics relating to law. The blog accepts submissions from students, academicians, lawyers, and other esteemed members of the legal fraternity.

The invitation is open to all students, academicians, lawyers and other esteemed members of the legal fraternity.

The participants can select any topic related to law.

Guidelines for Contributions:

  • All articles must be submitted in English Language only.
  • Length of the article must be 2500-3500 words.
  • Co-authorship is allowed.
  • All submissions must follow the uniform style of citation.
  • All submissions shall be made to [email protected]
  • The copyright will rest with the author if the article is not selected for publication.
  • Authors must include their full name, institution/organization, course and year of study in the body of the mail. The article will be published with the provided author details.

Assessment criteria:
Your articles will be marked on the following points. You should meet the following standards in order to qualify:

  1. The article should meet professional standards and be of publishable quality.
  2. All the sources of the information should be acknowledged.
  3. Editor’s discretion is final.

Contact Information:
E-mail: [email protected]

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