April 16, 2021

Workshop by IDIA [Jan 9-10]: Register now!


About the IDIA

Over the years, the IDIA Team has established its presence in multiple states in India, fueled by the passion and hard work of hundreds of volunteers and scholars taking forward the noble cause of IDIA.

As part of our fundraising program, the IDIA Chapters of West Bengal, Karnataka, and Hyderabad are jointly conducting a two-day Legal Workshop on 9th and 10th January, 2021. The Workshop will help participants in improving their skills in various activities that are part and parcel of life in a law school.

About the session

The workshop will contain 5 sessions, covering the following 5 areas:

I) Mooting

II) Debating

III) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

IV) CV Writing

V) Mental Health

The sessions will be led by alumni and students of NLS Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, and NUJS Kolkata who have made their mark in their respective fields.

The sessions will provide a great opportunity for students who are planning to enter law schools, and for existing 1st and 2nd-year students of law to understand various aspects of life at law school.

Many of us are still lost as to what it means to succeed in law school – a far cry from knowing what was necessary to succeed when we were in the 1st or 2nd year! Many more of us are uncertain.

These sessions taken by experienced students will help you deconstruct what it takes to thrive in law school – while still giving you much space to chart your own path. After all, they have been where you are!


Registration fee is Rs. 500 for the five sessions.

We like those who take initiative: for those who register before 7th January 2021, the early-bird Registration fee is only Rs. 400

For registration, Click here


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