August 3, 2021

Syllabus: Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services (Civil Judge)

Uttar Pradesh Judicial Services

Knowing the exam Pattern is mandatory for the candidates who are planning to appear for the UP Judicial Services Examination.

  1. Phase 1 – Prelims examination is of objective type.
  2. Phase 2 – Mains examination is of written type.
  3. Phase 3 – Interview

Negative marking of 0.25 in the prelims examination.

Phase 1 – Preliminary Examination

You will face the preliminary exam first which is an objective test of 450 Marks.The question will be based on following subjects:

Law – (300 Marks)

  1. Jurisprudence
  2. International Organisations
  3. Current International Affairs
  4. Constitution of India
  5. Transfer of Property Act
  6. Indian Evidence Act
  7. Indian Penal Code
  8. Civil Procedure Code
  9. Criminal Procedure Code
  10. Indian Contract Act

General Knowledge – (150 Marks)

  1. Indian history
  2. Indian culture
  3. Indian Geography
  4. Indian politics
  5. Current National Affairs India and World
  6. Indian Economics
  7. International Affairs
  8. International Organizations
  9. Science and Technology
  10. Space etc.

Phase 2 – Mains Examination

The exam is conducted under five papers :

Paper I – General Knowledge (150 Marks)

This paper may include questions based on topics relating to the following:

  1. History of India
  2. Indian Culture
  3. Geography of India
  4. Indian Polity
  5. Current National Issues
  6. Topics of Social Relevance
  7. India and the World,
  8. Indian Economy
  9. International Affairs
  10. Institutions and development in the field of Science and Technology Communications and Space.

Paper II – Language (200 Marks)

This paper will be of 200 marks. It shall comprise of four questions as specified below:-

  1. Essay to be written in English – (60 marks)
  2. English Precise writing – (60 marks)
  3. Translation of passage from Hindi to English – (40 marks)
  4. Translation of passage from English to Hindi – (40 marks)

Paper III – Law Paper I(Substantive Law) (200 Marks)

This paper will be of 200 marks. The question set will be restricted to the field covered by:-

  1. The law of contracts
  2. The law of Partnership
  3. The law concerning Easements
  4. Law of Torts
  5. The law relating to transfer of property including the principles of equity, specifically applicable thereto, the principal of Equity with special reference to the law of trust and specific relief, Hindu Law and Mohammendan Law, and Constitutional Law.
  6. There shall be questions of 50 marks in relation to Constitutional Law alone.

Paper IV– Law Paper II (200 Marks)

Questions set will be restricted to the field covered by the following:

  1. Law of Evidence
  2. The Criminal Procedure Code
  3. Code of Civil Procedure, including the principles of pleading.

The question set will relate mainly to practical matters such as framing of charges and issues, the method of dealing with the evidence of witnesses the writing of judgment and the conduct of cases generally but will not be restricted to them.

Paper V – Law Paper III (Penal, Revenue And Local Laws) (200 Marks)

Questions set will be restricted to the field covered by following:-

  1. Indian Penal Code
  2. the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition
  3. Land Reforms Act 1951,Uttar Pradesh
  4. Urban Buildings (Regulation of Letting , Rent and Eviction)Act, 1972
  5. Uttar Pradesh Municipalities Act
  6. U.P. Panchayat Raj Act
  7. U.P. Consolidation of Holding Act, 1953
  8. Uttar Pradesh Urban (Planning and Development) Act 1973, together with rules framed under the aforesaid Acts.

Answer to the questions of Local Laws will be compulsory questions pertaining to Penal Law will be of 50 marks, whereas, that of Revenue and Local Laws will be of 150 marks.

Phase 3 – Interview

Clarification : The candidates will have a choice to answer General Knowledge and Law papers either in Hindi or in English.


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