April 16, 2021

South Asia Students for Liberty’s Meme Challenge: Submit by December 31

The South Asia Students for Liberty (SASFL) is hosting a Meme Challenge.

About the SASFL

SFL Global Campaigns are a Students For Liberty program designed to help SFL leaders across the globe with resources, education and support in organizing events, activities and start new organizations focused on the work in specific issue areas. Throughout the program, SFL aims to empower, educate and develop leaders who will be taking the next step in tackling the issues campaign is focusing on in their local and regional work, bringing the message of liberty close to liberty-minded individuals from different socio-political and cultural contexts.

Through Global Campaigns, we are empowering leaders to be the best possible advocates and representatives of free market oriented and individual liberty minded solutions for issues their communities are facing while helping them promote messages of peace, love and liberty with resources, knowledge and ideas.

About the Challenge

The memes are prevalent in the cyberverse, everyone on social media has tasted the intoxicating flavor of making and sharing memes. SASFL strongly believes in their brimming potential to advocate about the issues which are too controversial to be spoken about and also adds to the visual aid aspect drawing the attention of those who cannot understand the message in an oral or written form.

Rules for the Event

  • Let’s keep the content PG (keepin’ it clean for the kiddies) – your meme can be inspirational, informative or a little dark (giggles).
  • Your image can’t contain any watermarks. (your own or someone else’s; we are Photoshop Wizards, so no funny business.)
  • You agree that whatever images you submit are your own. If you’ve sourced the image from another site, please ensure that the image is free of any copyright restrictions. (Feels bad to the creator.)
  • You agree that the quotes you submit are your own. If they are not, then we kindly ask that you do not plagiarize content. If you are using someone else’s quote, please provide the source for the quote.
  • Your meme relates to one of the 3 Campaigns of Students For Liberty : End the drug war, Free Market Revolution and Tech Liberty. (If you want the prizes, of course).
  • You can have as many submissions as you want. (We know MEMERS can’t be bound).


  • Selected memes will be posted on the SASFL social media handles.
  • Top 3 Memes: 1 submission from each category (a total of 3) will be announced as the winners and will receive 1 SFL Campaign Merchandise each.
  • The decision of the winners will solely be taken by the organizing SFL Group and will be based on Social Media Engagement, Novelty, Relevance, Clarity, Social Media Hits and Humor.


For registration, Click here

Submission Deadline

Dec 31, 2020


Shrey Madaan: [email protected]

For more information, Click here


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