Online Judgement Writing Competition by Faculty of Law, Integral University: Register by Sept 8

About the Integral University

The idea of legal aid society is to fulfil certain standards of legal education, but more importantly, it also aimed at engaging the students in serving their community by promoting legal awareness through these legal aid clinics and programs; and, following the same mandate the Legal Aid Society, Faculty of Law, Integral University was established, for providing free legal aid services for free to the needy or the poor section of the society, who are not capable to afford a legal representative for them who can fight a case for them, so the government has brought out the service for free legal aid to the needy people; to fulfil the objective of Article 39A of the Constitution of India.

About the Moot Court & Debating Society

The Moot Court & Debating Society, Faculty of Law, Integral University, Lucknow is a dedicated forum, which aims to provide a platform to the students to inculcate and enhance advocacy skills and promotes free thought and exchange of opinions. When discussion is the ethos of an institution, this Society forms a natural facilitator of that spirited culture. The Moot Court & Debating Society has fostered activities such as mooting, debating quizzes, training programs and workshops etc., related activities at Faculty of Law, Integral University and upholding the high standards of excellence and thereby enabling students to participate in external competitions organised both at National and International levels.

About the Online National Judgment Writing Competition

The Concept of Judgement Writing has been prevalent for quite some time in the legal fraternity. A participant is encouraged to think like a Judge and reach a well-reasoned and innovative conclusion to render a suitable Judgement. The participants are expected to base their judgments on a thorough and diligent appreciation of the factual matrix. The competition encourages innovative judgments that have meticulously examined and applied relevant legal concepts.


The following terms shall have the corresponding meanings unless otherwise specified:

  1. a) ‘Competition’ shall refer to ‘THE


  1. b) ‘Competition Problem’ shall refer to the facts and issues released by the organizers of the Competition with its clarifications and corrections.
  2. c) ‘Competition Rules’ shall refer to the official rules of the Competition as may be amended from time to time.
  3. d) ‘IST’ shall refer to Indian Standard Time.
  4. e) ‘INR’ shall refer to Indian Rupee.
  5. f) ‘Organizing Committee’ (hereinafter to be referred to as O.C) shall refer to the committee responsible for the administration and conduct of the Competition.
  6. g) ‘Official Email’ shall refer to [email protected]


  1. a) The Participant should be currently pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in Law i.e. 3 Years L.L.B. course or 5-Year Integrated law or LLM students from any recognized University/Law School.
  2. b) There is no restriction on the number of entries from any Law School or University.
  3. c) Only individual participation is allowed.
  4. d) Individual Participant is required to complete the registration on or before 8th September 11:59PM.

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